Tuesday, March 5, 2019

Oceanic Bonito’s in Abundance for Fat Girl.

Oceanic Bonito’s in Abundance for Fat Girl.

Offshore Fishing Report – Durban – 03 March 2019

With a short morning trip ahead of us and some light rain we set out early and it turned out to be one of those action packed days. Before we even finished setting our spread we had a Bonito hit a lure and so the whole trip continued and we never got to set a full spread with hit after hit and fish after fish and almost every time it was multiple hook ups with 3 or 4 fish being fought, we hooked up and landed so many Oceanic Bonito I lost count, we lost a few and started releasing them without even bring them over the gunnels eventually. On days like this there is always that one Bonito that is going to play games with you and when you get stripped into the backing and have a long 30 minute fight you are so disappointed when you discover it’s not that big Tuna you thought but a foul hooked Bonnie. It makes for a good fight and a really good laugh afterwards. What a great non-stop action trip. If the Oceanic Bonito are around in such great numbers, we can be sure that the Black Marlin will follow and I expect to hear of a few Marlin catches soon.



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