Thursday, January 10, 2019

Dorado, Tuna, Monster Marlin, a Dropped Gaff and a Perch.

Dorado, Tuna, Monster Marlin, a Dropped Gaff and a Perch.

Offshore Fishing Report – Durban – 8 January 2019

A difficult report to write, it usually takes me about a week to get over a dropped Marlin.

The currents have been a mess with a complete circular system, out in the deep past 500m we have had a raging 4 not current from N-S, and inshore it has been screaming from S-N, temperatures have varied from 22 deg.C up to 24.5 deg.C and we have found clear green water, dirty green water, clear blue water and that purple water that makes dreams come true. So very tricky conditions.

Of all the things to hook up on a Kona, Nawty Girl hooked up a Black Perch.

On Fat Girl we were out looking for a Marlin, day 1 was awesome flat seas but no fish and we skunked, day 2 started choppy and then calmed down. 2 hrs into our trip we hooked up into a beast of a Black Marlin well over 600lbs, we saw it probably a female and the girth was incredibly wide, a really big fish. 50 minutes into the fight and 700m out she came leaping towards us and even on the plane we could not keep her tight and after 20 minutes like this she threw the hook. After that we hook up 2 Yellowfin Tuna which ended up as nice kebabs that evening and 2 Dorado, a Bull and a Queen. Kurt dropped the gaff on the Queen so we had to flick her over and he knew a knuckle rap was waiting for him at the docks. It was lines up after the Queen and when clearing lines a statistic with odds unfathomable happened, one of the clips from the leaders hooked the dropped gaff and we got it back.



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