Friday, December 21, 2018

Grand Slam on a Fatastic Day

Grand Slam on a Fantastic Day
Offshore Fishing Report – Durban – 18th December 2018
Just as the warm water arrived, it vanished again and we had to head far out to find some good water. We found water so clean that we could see our Rapala’s running in the water, and the best temperature we got was 22.4 deg.C. Even though not an ideal temperature this water was holding a lot of fish but all the way there and all the way back was dead. In this water we managed to land 3 Dorado and drop 3, they were hitting so soft that in order to get a solid hook up I had to bang the throttles. We also managed to land 4 good sized Yellowfin Tuna and drop one. Along the way early morning we managed 6 Bonnies as appetisers for the day ahead. A Marlin came in and knocked our starboard inside rigger off and then it vanished as quickly as it appeared.

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