Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Tough Fishing in Cold Water

Tough Fishing in Cold Water
Offshore Fishing Report – Durban – 27th November 2018
We had an 8 hour charter booked for tomorrow which we moved forward to today due to the big SW wind forecast for tomorrow, we launched very early to avoid the big NE wind forecast for this afternoon. Inshore waters are still green and cold under 21deg.C so we decided to head out deep where the SST charts showed warmer water and once we got past 500m depth about 40km from shore we found warm blue water around 23.5degC but the current was screaming S-N from the deep to the shallows. We found lots of bird life and even small bait fish jumping but no fish. I was really disappointed as the water looked so good. Eventually we decided to head back shallow and put some light tackle squids on the corners. We got back into shallower cold green water and it was not long before the light tackle gave us some consolation prizes in the form of 1 small Dorado and after that the Bonnies kept us busy with us catching 1 after the other all the way back to port and ended up with quite a lot of them with only the last 2 hours producing us fish. Not ideal fishing but at least some action.

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