Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Big Sea, Xtreme Fishing

Big Sea, Xtreme Fishing.

Offshore Fishing Report – Durban – 20th November 2018

We had a short trip this morning. NE was blowing around 20 knots making for a large swell especially after last night’s strong winds. The water is still cold and green and the best we found was 19.3deg.C. We had not even finished putting out our spread when the one Tyrnos with the Rapala Xtreme running went off and we got a Sarda Sarda, shortly after the same Xtreme produced another Sarda Sarda, both were big Sarda Sarda’s. We then had some medium sized Kawa Kawa take the same Xtreme. Deeper out the Xtreme got hit again, a really good sized fish and before we knew it the line was out about 300m into the backing and a 45 minute fight ensued. I was convinced that this was a large Wahoo as the line stayed and the top and the fight was really strong, in the end it turned out to be a super sized Kawa Kawa. On the way back running with the swell we picked up a Dorado on the Xtreme again followed by a few more medium sized Kawa Kawa.

I am surprised that we are getting Dorado in 19deg.C water and the only lure all the fish are hitting are the Rapala Xtreme’s, they are not touching the bullets and kona’s. When that warm blue water finally hits Durban I think we will have some really explosive fishing.




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