Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Tuna Quadruple Hook up.

Tuna Quadruple Hook up.

Fishing Report – Durban – 21 August 2018

Today the weather forecast was wrong yet again, but for a change it was in our favour. Forecast showed a strong SW wind and some rain, but we launched this morning with a very light SW which only picked up as we were heading back to port, there was no rain but sunny skies and we had a stunning 5 hour morning trip. Water temperature is cold averaging at just over 20deg.C with a reverse current. Fishing was good today but the fish would only bite if the boat was going in a specific condition so one would see the showing on the finder, mark it and then make a turn and come back over the mark in the right direction. Bonnies were plentiful with over 20 being caught for the morning and we also released some, the Yellowfin Tuna were also around and going over one showing we had 5 reels screaming and we landed 4 at once making for great excitement, especially the one that took the ultra light rig which gave a really good fight. The fish were not behaving normally today and most were biting the lures very close behind the boat and not the ones further back, they were also jumping out the water at the lures making a great show and one could watch them jump and hit the surface lures and then watch the road bend and the reel zing. We also had a double hook up on the Rapala X Rap Xtreme’s but one came off and we landed the other. Then as we were heading back to port a few Kilometres out, we had another Yellowfin Tuna hooked up from one of the bullets running far back. Great fun all in a 5 hour morning trip.





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