Friday, August 10, 2018

Tuna Again

Tuna Again.

Fishing Report – Durban – 10 August 2018

Been a quiet and frustrating month and when one books a charter the weather turns bad and it can’t be done and so today was our first trip for August, although the break was nice after a very busy July one needs to work to live. Trying to decipher the forecast for today was not easy as the various weather sites were all saying something different and so we decided to make the choice at launch time which was 06h00. I arrived at the boat at 05h00 and it was raining quite heavy and had been raining all night but by 05h30 the rain had stopped and at 06h00 we launched and made our way out to look for a good Tuna. It started with non-stop Bonnie action and we could not keep all the lines in the water, the wind was constantly shifting from SW to NW and the S-N current was quite strong and got stronger as we got deeper out so I decided to head back shallower. Every few minutes it was another Bonnie and some of them decent sizes too giving great sport on the lighter tackle. In amongst the Bonnies we also got some small Frigate Tuna. At 07h30 the heavens opened and we got drenched for 1.5hrs. After that the rain cleared and we ended up with stunning sunny conditions which at least dried us out. Whilst it was raining it was also freezing cold, wow even though I was dressed warmly I was feeling it and shivering at the helm with water seeping in everywhere. For a while the Bonnies went quiet with only 1 here and 1 there and then we got a bunch more as we started heading back to port and the was hatch looking rather full. Then all the action stopped and we were being entertained by 2 Albatross trying to snatch our Shotgun lure and we were all calling to the Tuna, when all a sudden. BANG the shot gun rigger snapped and ZZZZZZZZZZ as the shot gun rod bent over properly and the reel started to sing and it was not long before we saw the backing on this lighter tackle. After a really great fight we managed to land a really nice Yellowfin Tuna. By the time we had this on deck we had already passed our time and so we did not put anymore lines out and headed home. By the time we were back in port it was nice and hot and we all enjoyed this whilst removing all the wet attire. And so another great day out at sea.                



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