Saturday, July 21, 2018

Sundowners Sunset Cruise in Durban Harbour.

Sundowners Sunset Cruise in Durban Harbour.

Tuna are starting to make an appearance.

Tuna are starting to make an appearance.

Fishing Report – Durban – 21 July 2018

Last 2 days have had some really nice mornings out, even though they started out very cold they ended up warm, the Bonito have been thick and there were times where we were not able to get all our lines out with the amount of hook ups we have had and many multiple hook ups with loads of Bonito providing great fun on our light tackle rigs, we have also hooked up a good few Frigate Tuna the last 2 days. Yesterday I saw some showings of larger fish which I thought were Yellowfin Tuna and so today we went out rigged accordingly with a plan and within 30 minutes we had a hook up with a lovely Yellowfin Tuna, after that the Bonito were hitting us again, even on the larger lures and hard as I tried we could not raise another Yellowfin. I think we will start seeing Yellowfin more regularly as we head into next month towards spring and am hoping for a fee biggies to stretch our lines.             



Tuesday, July 17, 2018

July Holidays

July Holidays.

Fishing Report – Durban - July 2018

The July holidays saw both Fat Girl and Nawty Girl busy, all kinds of trips and lots of children. I love taking the younger ones fishing and to see the smiles and excitement always makes my day. On the many backline trips we did well with some good Shad and Mackerel being caught and on one trip we got into a school of Sand Steenbras of which all were released. Another trip saw a Guitar Fish being caught in the deep which we also released. Bottom fishing has been good with some nice fish coming out. Bonnies have been present in large numbers with many being caught on all trips and they provide great sport on light tackle. The Yellowfin Tuna have still been missing to my frustration and my guess they are around with the sardines. One on long trip we went down South and found a pocket of sardines with Sharks, Sailfish and Marlin smashing them, we managed to hook up a very large Black Marlin which is exciting for mid winter in July, but sadly the hook snapped and we dropped it which always leaves me frustrated. Early mornings have been very cold, but most days warmed up nicely and for most trips the conditions have been calm, there have as always been those frustrating trips when the fish are scarce or the weather forecast got it wrong but overall July has been productive thus far.       




Sunday, July 8, 2018

Party time

Some Cruises around Durban Harbour and Offshore on Saturday with good music and dancing. Party time.