Monday, January 29, 2018

About the Turtle and the Yellowfin

About the Turtle and the Yellowfin
Fishing Report – Durban – 29.01.2018
This weekend was very frustrating with the weather reports getting it totally wrong, On Saturday light NE winds were forecast and we launched early for a 5 hour trip, as we started heading out the wind picked up and by the time we got out to the 100m we had almost 20 knots of wind from the NE. The water was green and cold and completely different to what we had the day before where we hooked up some really nice fish and we were not able to find any game fish and ended up doing some bottoms which was also difficult in the cold water with ice cold sinkers.
The forecast showed 30 knot SW winds for Sunday and so we cancelled the trip for another day, and then the day turned out to be stunning with no 30 knot winds and very fishable.
Today we had a short 4hr inshore trip and the conditions were really stunning with smooth flat seas and even though the North was still green and cold we found some nice clear warm water down South shortly after we crossed a current line and saw a stunning and very large turtle who gave us a boost as moments after we saw him we hooked up our first Yellowfin and ended up with 4 for the day. They were not large with the smallest measuring 60cm but on light tackle gave us some good sport.

Friday, January 26, 2018

Game Fish Grand Slam

Game Fish Grand Slam.

Fishing Report – Durban – 26.01.2018

The past week has had some very difficult fishing conditions with the water very cold and temperatures under 21 deg.C, along with green water and so we have not been lucky with Game fish which is so frustrating, we have been getting bottoms with a lot of Slinger being caught, I am surprised at the amount of Black Tail around. We managed a nice Tropical Yellow tail on light spinning tackle off the bottom on one trip, and also some nice copper bream on another.

Today was a vast improvement and the strong SW winds have brought us some warmer and cleaner water and it looks like things will start getting better. We had a short 5hour charter today with nice results, 2 x Dorado (A bull and a Queen), 3 x Yellowfin Tuna and 2 Oceanic Bonito (Skip Jack Tuna), so 3 game fish species in one trip making it a game fish grand slam and some very happy customers.

I hope the water conditions continue to improve.


Saturday, January 13, 2018

A Big Honeycomb Skate in the Harbour.

A Big Honeycomb Skate in the Harbour.

Fishing Report – Durban – 12.01.2018

We had two 5 hour harbour trips and had some great fun, catching a bunch of small Hammer Head Sharks which are such great fun to catch on light spinning tackle, a variety of other fish species, a large Gurnard and a good size Rockod. The highlight of the day was a very large Honeycomb Skate which took 1hr20 min to land on light tackle. We did not boat the Skate, we kept it in the water and released it. All other fish caught were also released.


Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Black Marlin Afternoon

Black Marlin Afternoon.

Marlin Report – Durban – 10.01.2018

We had a 5hr trip and left at noon (12h00), 38 minutes into the trip we had a massive bonnie on deck. The water was purple, crystal clear and 27deg.C, we had a light SE wind blowing and a 2.5m swell. Conditions were perfect. 1 hour into the trip as I had just reached the area I had thought would be the spot; the inside port rigger elastic popped and the Tiagra began to sing that wonderful Marlin tune. ZZZZZZZ...ZZZZZZZZZ. The fish took about 600m of line before we managed to turn it and we were well into the backing. After a 1hr 40 minute fight we had a Black Marlin at the boat. Sadly it went under the swim platform, between the motors and then around both motors and I was not able to get it free fast enough and had to cut the motors and it drowned. I could not revive the fish and so could not release, so we cut the leader and pulled the fish out onto deck. A nice size Black Marlin estimated at 150Kg (330lbs). On the way back we hooked up a nice little Bull Dorado and dropped another along with a small Tuna. Just before lines up we also had a Sailfish in the spread but it did not chew on any of our offerings. I knew when the Wahoo and Bonnies started coming around we would be getting a Black very soon.

A very happy angler with his first Marlin, and our Marlin account opened for 2018.

Well done Henk, you fought your Marlin like a pro.

Monday, January 8, 2018

Wahoo Again

Fishing Report – Durban – 08.01.2018
We had a 5hr trip and left early to try get some fishing in before the west came through, water was warm and over 27deg C. and it was stunning purple water out in the deep, probably too warm to get any fish, inshore the water was also a stunning purple but a little cooler and we managed a really king size Bonnie which reminds me that we have not caught any Bonnies for quite some time let alone a big one, a little while later the Rapala X Rap 40 running on one of the lighter rods went of and the Tyrnos 30 was singing landing us a good Wahoo. We also had a strike on the shot gun from something big, perhaps a Black Marlin or a large Wahoo, not sure never saw what it was. We got back to the dock well before the west came through.
If Wahoo are around then Black Marlin are around so the clock is ticking and it will be game on soon, the next 4 months from now until April is the best time for Marlin in Durban.


Dad's Dorado

Dad’s Dorado.

Fishing Report – Durban – 07.01.2018

With a short morning trip that had to be split between game fishing and bottoms we shot out early in the morning and by 06h30 we had a nice Queen Dorado in the hatch, after that we made our way back to shore doing bottoms at various reefs with some slinger, copper bream, stumpnose and a rather large blacktail.


Sunday, January 7, 2018

Wahoo Account opened for 2018 - Fishing Report – Durban – 06.01.2018

Wahoo Account opened for 2018.

Fishing Report – Durban – 06.01.2018

The conditions have been improving and there is a lot of clean warm water around, especially out in the deep. Inshore has been very quiet and we have had to travel a fair distance to get fish. Early in the trip we hooked up with a nice Dorado and then later on we had a double Wahoo strike landing one and dropping a bigger one at the boat.

Wednesday, January 3, 2018

First Dorado for 2018

First Dorado for 2018.

Fishing Report – Durban – 02.01.2018

With a stiff SW wind and unsettled seas from the SW Buster the day before we made our way out for a short morning trip, we eventually found some nice clean warm water and managed to land a small Dorado. Inshore the water was dirty and a strong reverse current.


Monday, January 1, 2018

Last day out in 2017 - Fishing Report – Durban – 31.12.2017

Last day out in 2017.

Fishing Report – Durban – 31.12.2017

Both Fat Girl and Nawty Girl made their way out of port early on the 31st to do their last trips for 2017 after a very busy week. It was a stunning day with great conditions, warm clear water, light winds and flat seas.

Nawty Girl got 3 Yellowfin Tuna and 4 Oceanic Bonitos (Skipjacks) along with some bottom fish and Fat Girl landed a nice Dorado and some nice bottom fish along with a monster Trigger fish in the most beautiful colours which was released. A great day for both boats.