Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Offshore Fishing Report - Durban - 21-11-2017

Offshore Fishing Report - Durban - 21-11-2017
Got a call to do a short charter  late this afternoon and so we went out. On the way out the port right at the South Pier we spotted a large GT of about 30Kg dashing through the swells breaking over the sand bank.
It was sad to see the amount of litter floating around in the sea, packets, bags, bottles, containers of all kinds by the 1000s, right out as deep as 200m. I am sure this has all washed out from the rivers after all the rains we have been having.
The water was warm but very green, and it was a very ugly swell today, very steep and choppy even. The wind started out as a SE but then turned to an East wind  and got stronger and the swell got even more ugly. Lots of lures got caught up in all the plastics floating around making fishing very difficult. I the end we were rewarded with one small Yellowfin Tuna. We got back as a strong SW of about 35 knots hit Durban so perfect timing.

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