Friday, January 1, 2016

OFFSHORE FISHING REPORT - Durban - 27-31 December

OFFSHORE FISHING REPORT - Durban - 27-31 December
I first would like to wish everyone a fantastic 2016, may God prosper you during this year.
With a variety of seas from nice calm days to a few bumpy days with NE winds we have been out on the water the whole week and every trip has produced Dorado, the water inside has a slight green tinge but it is clear and averaging 23.5-24.5DegC, 40km out on the 500m the waters are the colour purple and 27deg.C which just gets my blood tingling with excitement, cant wait for this to come closer in. We had a big knock out in the deep when looking for a Blue which I think was a big Tuna, unfortunately it did not stick. We have seen large pods of Dolphins. Wahoo have stolen some lures from us but we have not landed one as yet. The good news is that the persistent SW winds have left us and so we should see the fishing improve as I have found that the fish are not as active as they should be this time of year and even though we getting fish on all our trips it should be better. Plankton levels are low which is probably the reason for this.

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