Monday, April 27, 2015

OFFSHORE FISHING REPORT - Durban - 23rd -27th April 2015

OFFSHORE FISHING REPORT - Durban - 23rd -27th April 2015
 Been a busy 5 days that started with a howling SW wind and ended with a howling SW Wind
 Thursday we headed North along the coast line till past Umdloti and then headed out deeper, water was green and cold inshore but cleaner deeper out and we landed some smaller Yellowfin Tuna.
 Friday we headed out deep to the canyons to look for a blue Marlin with no luck.
 Saturday and Sunday we fished the Durban Couta Competition and managed to land a Couta (King Mackerel) of 8.7Kg and we hooked up a massive Zambezi (Bull) Shark (Brown Marlin) which we eventually got to the boat after 2 hours. There was around 380 boat fishing the completion with only 22 Couta (King Mackerel) weighed in and ours was 400grams short from the 15th place prize effectively putting us in 16th place.
 On Monday we went far north looking for a Black Marlin and we only managed to land a really good size Yellowfin Tuna. On the way back in we heard on the radio that some poor chap had been blown out to sea on his paddle ski and we assisted in the search, the NSRI had sent out to boats and they eventually found him.


Monday, April 20, 2015

Offshore Report 20th April 2015 Durban

We did a short offshore Cruise late yesterday afternoon and stuck some Rapalas off the back, hooked into a nice Yellowfin Tuna that got Taxed by a Shark which even snapped my Rapala in half, the reel screamed and a lot of line was taken as first I thought we were into a big fish, I reckon the Shark had the Tuna before we even took the rod out the gunnel. In the end we got half a head and a broken Rapala.

Monday, April 13, 2015

OFFSHORE FISHING REPORT - Durban - 13th April 2014

OFFSHORE FISHING REPORT - Durban - 13th April 2014
We went out looking for a Black Marlin and found two, but neither of them stuck. The first one tried to take a Yellowfin that we were fighting and the other was just an on off. We hooked up a massive Wahoo which made 12Kg's of drag look like butter, I actually thought the drag went of the setting and checked it and it was OK. This Wahoo took off like a Marlin and only because it jumped and I saw it do I know what it was but eventually it broke the wire. We ended the day with 4 Yellowfin Tuna, 1 was a good size.

Sunday, April 12, 2015

FISHING VIDEO - Dorado Mayhem on Fat Girl

FISHING VIDEO - Dorado Mayhem on Fat Girl

OFFSHORE FISHING REPORT - Durban - 11th April 2015

OFFSHORE FISHING REPORT - Durban - 11th April 2015
We launched into lovely conditions, but the water was green and colder than it has been for a while, we trolled some Rapala's for about 22km heading North and only found good clean water after 70m in front of Umdhloti where we hooked up into some Yellowfin Tuna. The clients had requested some bottom fishing and even though the current was screaming and we suggested that we carry on looking for Tuna they insisted and we obliged. It was very difficult getting the lines down with the boat drifting at 5-7Km/hr. We still managed some good fish and landed some Englishmen and Rockod along with a some Soldier Bream. Making our way back towards Durban and docked with 2 Yellowfin, 8 good bottom fish and a bunch of smaller ones.

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

OFFSHORE FISHING REPORT - Durban - 8th April 2015

What a hectic day, we launched at 06h00 for an 8hr Game Fishing Charter and the conditions were great, water clean and warm but cooler than it was on my last 2 trips. I started out using 50lb tackle because I was tired of loosing my X-Raps on the 30lb tackle. In the first 5hrs things were quiet and we landed 1 Yellowfin Tuna and we lost 2 small Dorado. I then decided to change down to 30lb tackle running 4 smaller X-Raps and 3 feathers for the way home. At about the same time the wind changed. This was when things got wild and the next 3hrs was so full of action there was not a dull moment. First up we got a small Bonnie and then the action got hectic and we hooked up another 14 Yellowfin Tuna including a 4 up and a 7 up and 1 really good size Yellowfin. We also hooked up 2 Black Marlin on the little Jet Feathers and had each one on for about 30min on the 30lb tackle and it both cases the small hooks opened up. In the end we got back to the Marina 1.5hrs late with 15 Yellowfin Tuna on deck and a Bonnie. What a crazy day.

Sunday, April 5, 2015

OFFSHORE FISHING REPORT - Durban - 3/4 April 2015

After some quiet fishing the past week the last 2 days was a remarkable difference with loads of Wahoo Action, On Friday I went out with my Family and my Mrs got her first Wahoo and her second and her 3rd and so on. At the end of the day we boated 6 Wahoo and lost about 6 if not more. On Saturday it was the same we boated 6 Wahoo and lost about 6, we also landed 2 Yellowfin Tuna, all the Wahoo were estimated 12-15kg range but did not weigh them, Tuna were around 5Kg, every fish we caught the last 2 days came off Rapala X-Rap 20s and 30s trolled at high speed on 30lb class tackle. Lost about 6-8 Rapalas also. Grrrr. Water was warn at 26 deg. C, crystal clear and on the whole both days had great conditions with a N-S current. Memory card went south on my Pentax so only have a Blackberry pic and Mrs. don't want her pics on the net.