Sunday, December 28, 2014

FISHING REPORT - 26-27/12/14 - Durban - Lots of Dorado

FISHING REPORT - 26-27/12/14 - Durban
On Friday we went out to the continental shelf, to a place I like to call the Canyons. Water was deep purple and 25 deg.C. We were looking for a Blue Marlin. We got 3 Strikes but nothing stayed. On the way back we hooked up 2 decent size Dorado including a good Bull.
On Saturday we found ourselves dodging a big ugly rain cloud and in essence we basically fish all the way around it. NE was blowing hard but once we eventually managed to pass the cloud and get out deep we had a bumper Dorado session, landing 3 good size Bull Dorado and 3 Queens of which 2 were really good sizes.

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