Monday, December 29, 2014


It was a great year for Blue Water Charters on Fat Girl with some catches to remember, I would like to extend my thanks to all those who supported us during this year, and wish all a prosperous 2015 filled with peace, love and joy.
Some catches of note for 2014
• Our first charter in January got us a Dorado Bull of 20Kg although the Dorado were slow in the beginning of the year we have had a great December with a lot of good size Dorado.
• We had a superb Wahoo season with our highest Wahoo catch on record and April saw us land a 25.4Kg fish.
• The big Yellowfin Tuna were running this year and in April our largest Yellowfin for the year came in at 60Kg, we also got 4 fish over 40Kg and another 9 over 30Kg.
• In July we had a double Sailfish hook up and successfully released both fish, the smaller one was landed by an 11yr old boy.
• We also got an unofficial South African and All Africa Record fish with a Short Bill Spearfish of 38.3Kg well above the existing record of 18.6Kg
• Blue Marlin fishing was slow for us but the Black Marlin were around in good numbers this year with a great Christmas present on the 24th of December.
• We did not do much Inshore fishing but one trip got us a Natal Snoek of 12Kg, we also had some great kiddies trips with loads of Bonnies and smaller Yellowfin Tuna.

2014 set a high standard for 2015
See you all on the water next year


There is a guy called Devon from Tongaat that is using my business name and my LOGO and posing as me for a little boat he runs out of Rocky Bay he also uses the name Hook line & sinker fishing tackle and bait. Please note that this is not my operation and I have nothing to do with this, he is an imposter and is not authorised to do so. Currently he is being dealt with. If you have not dealt with me Mike in person and booked my boat Fat Girl in the Durban harbour or called me on my number 07629994450762999445 then please be aware this is not my operation but a fake.

Sunday, December 28, 2014

FISHING REPORT - 26-27/12/14 - Durban - Lots of Dorado

FISHING REPORT - 26-27/12/14 - Durban
On Friday we went out to the continental shelf, to a place I like to call the Canyons. Water was deep purple and 25 deg.C. We were looking for a Blue Marlin. We got 3 Strikes but nothing stayed. On the way back we hooked up 2 decent size Dorado including a good Bull.
On Saturday we found ourselves dodging a big ugly rain cloud and in essence we basically fish all the way around it. NE was blowing hard but once we eventually managed to pass the cloud and get out deep we had a bumper Dorado session, landing 3 good size Bull Dorado and 3 Queens of which 2 were really good sizes.

Thursday, December 25, 2014

FISHING REPORT - 24/12/2014 - Durban - Marlin.

FISHING REPORT - 24/12/2014 - Durban - Marlin.
Firstly I would like to wish everyone a fantastic Christmas. We got going just before 04h00 and made our way out to 130m where we found a good thermocline and warm water current line of 25.5deg.C and ran with it, before 07h00 we had a reel screaming and about 30-40min later we released a Black Marlin for around 100-110Kg. As the day progressed the water seemed to get somewhat turbid and we landed 1 Dorado. The SW was blowing for most of the day and later turned to a SE, sea condition started off a bit bumpy but improved as the day went on and turned into a stunning afternoon. We saw lots of life in the water, many big Sharks about and small Hammer heads, Manta Rays we saw at least 4 very large ones. we also saw a Humpback Whale with her calf, Pygmy and Bottlenose Dolphins.

Sunday, December 21, 2014

FISHING REPORT - 20&21/12/2014 - DURBAN - South Africa and All Africa - All Tackle Record (Unofficial)

FISHING REPORT - 20&21/12/2014 - DURBAN
South Africa and All Africa - All Tackle Record (Unofficial)
I was very hesitant to make this post with all the "critics" out there with big mouths and nasty words, but have decided to go ahead with this post anyway.
The last 2 days have been interesting fishing, in the last few weeks the warm water has been out deep and inshore has been cold, then on Friday night we had a storm and as we left the harbour we ran straight into 24deg.C water, the SW wind was howling and the S-N current was screaming, fortunately the waves were small. At around 90m I saw a huge fish on the finder 20m below the boat and turned around to tell the crew as the RH inside rigger band snapped and we had a small Black Marlin on, as he jumped I saw the lure swing off and he was gone and only had his Bill wrapped with the leader. After that we managed 1 Dorado. Today we made our way North in stunning conditions and once past Ballito we found some really good clean Blue water on the 110m line, when the RH corner reel screamed. After a good fight we had a large Short Bill Spearfish on board, after a quick photo we released the fish and it swam away. A little later on, after we had started heading back home we found the fish dead and floating and so brought it on board. We also managed 2 Dorado of which 1 was a nice Bull. Once back at the docks we weighed the Spearfish in at 38,3Kg and after some internet research found that this has exceeded the South African and All Africa records substantially but not the IGFA World Record, although we are not claiming any official record its nice to know. This was my first-ever Short Bill Spearfish off Durban, and although I am very pleased with this result I am saddened that the fish did not survive, we did what we could and could have just left it at that when we saw it floating and called it a successful release, but I believe that if you kill something you must eat it and so we brought it back with us.

Thursday, December 18, 2014

FISHING VIDEO - Early Season Dorado on Fat Girl.

FISHING VIDEO - Early Season Dorado on Fat Girl.

FISHING REPORT - Durban - 18/12/2014

FISHING REPORT - Durban - 18/12/2014
We launched at around 03h45 this morning, the weather forecast again deceived us and the East wind was a lot stronger than it should have been, conditions were reasonably nice with a little chop and a small swell. Early this morning the current was S-N and later on it became a strong N-S and I actually watched all the ships swinging around as it changed on our way back from the deep. Inshore the water is green and cold sitting on around 21 deg. C, a little deeper the water cleared up quite nicely but was only around 22deg. C. We went out to the 450m and found nice blue water of 23.5deg.C. look like this warm water may come in shore soon, anyways I hope so. We saw a whale early this morning which is rather unusual for this time of year, but then again so is the cold water. Deeper out we saw a fair amount of birds and even some flying fish which is always a good sign. First up this morning was 5 reels going and we ended up landing only 2 of these Oceanic Bonito's, a little later we hooked up a little Queen Dorado, and about an hour later we hooked up a nice Bull Dorado. Inshore was dead, and on our back at around the 40m depth we had the reel screaming with a good fish and then suddenly it was off, I think it was a decent Yellowfin Tuna as we hooked up right on the colour line. getting these Oceanic Bonito's is a good sign as they are a favourite food of many of the larger Game fish and also Bill Fish. Well done Ben on your 2 great Dorado.

Monday, December 15, 2014

FISHING REPORT - DURBAN - 13-14/12/2014

FISHING REPORT - DURBAN - 13-14/12/2014
On Friday night I got the best catch of my lifetime when I proposed to Theresa and she said yes. On Saturday we were out from 04h00 to 18h00 so it was a long day, the sea started out ugly in the morning but ended up being a stunning day. We had a Sailfish jumping around in our spread in the late afternoon, we got a nice Dorado, 2 Yellowfin Tuna, 2 Oceanic Bonito's and a Kawa Kawa. The water was cold and green so a good day's fishing for lousy conditions. Sunday saw us going out at 04h00 in what turned into a horrible East wind, although the conditions were ok until about 08h30 it then turned nasty, and I made a judgement call to shorten our trip and return to shore and so our 12hrs trip became 7hrs. We saw Sunfish on both Saturday and Sunday, the Whales have left our shores until next winter. On Sunday we got a Dorado, a Yellowfin Tuna and then we hooked into a massive Bonnie that got taken by a big Zambezi (Bull) shark in view of all of us on board to our horror. Must say it was impressive to see that beast take out the Bonnie in one swift bite.

Sunday, December 7, 2014

FISHING REPORT - Durban - 6/12/2014

FISHING REPORT - Durban - 6/12/2014
Saturdays trip was not a charter, took my family for some light tackle fishing off the backline for a few hours, sea was calm. We caught about 50 fish in total and all but 2 Mackerel were released. We got 8 different species, Mozzies, Shad, Mackerel, Sand Soldiers, Rockod, Sand Gurnard, Lizard Fish, Banana Fish. The 2 mackerel became a lesson for the boys on how to clean and gut fish, and later became part of our Dorado, Snoek and Wahoo on the Braai that evening with the whole family. What a fantastic family day with blessings from the Oceans bounty, family and loved ones.

Thursday, December 4, 2014

FISHING VIDEO: Dorado Double Up in Durban

FISHING VIDEO: Dorado Double Up

FISHING REPORT - Durban - 04/12/2014

FISHING REPORT - Durban - 04/12/2014
We launched just after 06h00 this morning for a 5hr charter, the water was green and cold and well under 22deg C, I was not sure which direction to head and the East wind was stiff and so I headed directly into it towards 300m, close to 300m off Umhlanga we got a double Dorado hook up and landed 2 good size Queens. On the way back we went around 4 ships and had one hook up that was off before we even got to the rod, I think it was a Wahoo by the way it ran but cannot say for certain. We saw one Whale and the wind dropped as we got back to port.

Wednesday, December 3, 2014


DECMEBER FISHING NEWSLETTER - Please find our latest Newsletter, some great pics and videos

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