Friday, July 25, 2014

FISHING REPORT - Durban - 25th July 2014.

FISHING REPORT - Durban - 25th July 2014.
Sea was not the best to day, but was also not the worst. We went out deep to the 300m depth looking for some Yellowfin Tuna with no luck. The only 2 fish I saw on the finder at about 250m hit our Rapala's, with one coming off almost immediately and we landed an Oceanic Bonito (Skipjack). we then came back inside and did some reef fishing which was frustrating as the finder was giving good showings but the fish were not that interested except for the Trigger fish of which we caught and released well over 20, they give a good fight and are fun to catch. We also landed a lot of Slinger of which about 12-15 were size, and some Soldier Bream. Whales were scarce to day but we did see 3 of them, we also saw a pod of Dolphins inshore on our way out and on our way back. When out at about 200m I saw a very large flying fish, at about 130m I saw a ray doing somersaults and at about 100m I saw what looked like very small Yellowfin Tuna jumping. Not the best of days but at least we got some fish.

Saturday, July 19, 2014


SARDINES IN DURBAN I forgot to mention in my report, when out at 140m we saw a big shoal of what I think was sardines.


We launched at 06h30 this morning, there was virtually not a breath of wind and the sea was calm, by 08h30 this all changed and an ugly West came through and the day just got worse from there and the current started screaming. The sea did not get big but it got very choppy. We managed 2 Yellowfin Tuna which disappointed me as I really thought today was going to be a good one. We then stopped for some bottoms and managed 10 Slinger and 2 Soldier Breams, at least the fish were decent sizes. With the current moving the boat at 6km/hr the only way to get to the bottom was to engage the motors and idle directly into the current.

Friday, July 18, 2014

Got this email today

“Dear Mike,

Thanks for an excellent day deep-sea fishing on Blue Water Charters!!!
Me getting a lovely yellowfin tuna, my son 2 yellowfin tuna and my wife also a yellowfin tuna, her first ever game fish. But the catch of the day, both my son and I, a sailfIsh. Can’t believe he, 12 years old, managed to get a 40kg sailfish to the boat whilst I almost gave up on a 50kg sailfis...h.

My son and I went deep-sea fishing the week before, specifically requesting game fishing only, or at least mostly, but were disappointed with an overcrowded boat, 8 fisherman, only an hour’s trolling and no game fish at all. The rest of the day was bottom fishing only. You trolled all the time.

Your boat is also lady-friendly with a huge indoor cabin and an on-board toilet, next time remember the toilet paper though. (Joke) My wife was impressed with a very clean boat and “Kaiya” scrubbing the deck after each landed catch, not that we lost one.

I will definitely go out with you again. Next time my daughter takes the first one, she did manage to get my sailfish in a few meters though.

Best regards

Tony Kruger”

Saturday, July 12, 2014


We did 2 trips yesterday, on the first trip we went out to do some light tackle fishing on the backline and we caught a lot of Mozzies, Mackerel and Shad, many of the Mackerel were very large and most the Shad were undersize, after that we went back into the harbour as the guys were getting a bit green. The harbour fishing was dismal.
On the 2nd trip we sto...pped at S.Pipe and everybody got their Shad quota, after that we went out to some reefs and we did well with some really large Slinger (50-60cm) and some good sized Copper Bream. The highlight of the day for me was in the morning of the 1st trip when we stopped at backline the Cape Cormorant that we released the morning before came back to our boat and jumped onto the gunnels to say Hi, then he stayed swimming around our boat until we left.

Thursday, July 10, 2014


We had an awesome day out on the water today. Weather was not so great with a SW wind pumping and uncomfortable swells, the water was also very cold. We launched at 06h30 for a 5hr charter and made a stop not to far from the harbour entrance to release a rehabilitated Cape Cormorant, this is always a great experience. Then w...e went out looking for Yellowfin Tuna. The Tuna were on the bite and it was not long before we had for nice Yellowfin Tuna in the hatch. The wind had picked up and the swells were not looking so great and I sat with a decision to go deeper with bigger swells or go close in with smaller swells, I new deeper would be more uncomfortable but I also new the fish were more active deeper out than inshore. I set the GPS for some deeper marks and we made our way out to deeper waters. We were almost on the marks when 2 reels started screaming and I though we had 2 large Tuna on, after a while we realised that we had a DOUBLE SAILFISH hook up and landed both. The Sailfish had both taken Rapala's. The smaller one was around 40Kg and was landed by a 12yr old boy who gave it everything he had, the larger one was landed by his father and took a while longer and was around 50Kg. Both Sailfish were released.

Saturday, July 5, 2014

FISHING REPORT - Durban 4-5 July 2014

FISHING REPORT 4-5 July 2014: The whales are thick around Durban and they can be seen where ever ones goes. We launched at 06h30 on Saturday morning and were back by 09h00 due to sea sickness, in that short time we managed some good Yellowfin Tuna on a Double up We did a 2nd trip on Saturday launching at 12h00 by this time there was a moderate NE wind blowing which steadily got stronger, we managed 1 nice Yellowfin Tuna and then they seemed to vanish.
Sunday morning we launched at 06h30 and early into the trip we got a big hook-up and a Wahoo of 18.2Kg was landed by a 14yr old boy.

Watch Wahoo Action in Winter off Durban

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Fishing Report - The past week off Durban

Fishing Report: Finally got my laptop back and am back online. Last Saturday we went out for a 3hr Nature ECO Cruise/Tuna Fishing trip and although we only saw Dolphins and no Whales we did get 3 x Yellowfin Tuna. On Sunday we were not so lucky and did not find any Tuna, but we did get some good bottom fish including a great Stumpnose.
Today was fantastic and the Tuna were firing on all cylinders..., although the sea was a bit bumpy and uncomfortable, we went out looking for some Tuna with our light tackle bass rods and we managed to hook up 7 Tuna in about 5hrs, 2 we lost to Sharks, 1 came off at the boat and we boated 4 Yellowfin Tuna in the 7Kg range. These fish gave us such a good fight and we took about 20-25minutes to land each on the light tackle. Today we also saw lots of Whale and Dolphin Activity including a Humpback Whale and about 40 Dolphins all swimming together. There was not much bird action today.