Saturday, May 31, 2014

Fishing Report - Durban 31/05/2014

What a day, this morning when we launched the sea was OK but then a horrible East wind picked up very early making for uncomfortable conditions. We still managed to hook up 2 really great Yellowfin Tuna on a double up. We saw the first whale for the season and had a juvenile Cape Gannet take one of our lures. We got him to the boat and sorted him out in no time and then let him go. We came back an hour earlier than planned.

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Fishing Report - Durban 29/05/2014

We took 3 clients from the UK out on an ECO cruise from 3-5pm this afternoon, as they were all sitting up on the fly bridge taking in the views I asked if they mind if I let my crew stick 2 rods with Rapala's out the back to try for a Yellowfin Tuna and they agreed, I promised them one if we got anything. We were only out at sea for about 1.5hrs and we got 6 fish, 3 Yellowfin Tuna and 3 Eastern Little Tuna.
My crew had a ball and the clients and I enjoyed the action. There was smiles all round. We also saw loads of shoals of Red Eye Sardines, the Cape Gannets were diving into the shoals, we saw 2 pods of Dolphins and a Logger Head turtle all in a short space of time.

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Fishing Report - Durban 24/05/2014

Went out yesterday afternoon for a short charter, water was green and cold and the current was flying. Weather forecast also got it wrong predicting max. 7knots wind, but it blew over 20knots. The original plan was to fish love live baits, but this was not possible and so we ended up trolling some Rapala's. We went looking for cleaner water with no luck but the colder water pockets were holding the fish, I could see them on the finder 100m below the surface, I worked the area and we managed to raise a few small Yellowfin and Oceanics. We also got one decent pull, then after 10 seconds after taking about 100m of line it came off.

Saturday, May 17, 2014

Fishing Report - Durban 17/05/2014

Went out in that ugly west today for a short 5hr trip, was not so bad when we launched, but then she started blowing. We saw a lot of ski boats come rushing out to the bait spots at about 06h30 and as soon as the west picked up they all ran back home and there was not a boat to be seen. We tried to stay in the calmer waters inshore, but could not find fish so we went out deeper into the rough stuff and found 2 Tuna and a Bonnie. Some of those swells that came rolling through were up to 3.5m, luckily they were well spaced. On the way back we came close inshore and by Umgeni river mouth we had a solid hook up but it came off. Today was a full catch and release trip.