Monday, March 31, 2014

Fishing off Durban this weekend

This weekend gave us cold green seas with a stiff NE wind on Saturday and a stiff SW wind on Sunday. When I saw the water was dirty I immediately knew that fishing was going to be tough.
On Saturday we had an incident that I have never experienced before when we ran over a giant Zambezi Shark (Bull Shark) of 500-600Kg. Was a big thud and the boat got knocked and then the shark breached behind the ...boat hooking into 2 of our rapalas giving the reels a good work out and we eventually lost the lures. The impact knocked one of our shaft seals completely out of alignment and this was easily sorted. Fortunately there was no Damage. For our efforts we were rewarded with a really good Yellowfin Tuna. Sunday was terrible fishing condition and we only had a 5 hr trip and we skunked.


Good Tuna Fishing on Fat Girl this weekend

Good Tuna Fishing on Fat Girl this weekend

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Gape Gannet released back into the wild

Today we released a Cape Gannet back into the wild that was rehabilitated by CROW KZN (Centre for Rehabilitation of Wildlife). That you CROW for the great work that you do. You my Hero's.
Its an honour, pleasure and privilege to assist with the release of the magnificent creatures. Watch the release Video

Monday, March 24, 2014

Deep sea trip that ended in the harbour

Seems the weather forecasts got it all wrong for the weekend, we had a trip on Saturday the morning was Ok but the wind picked up early and the guests started getting sick and so we went into the harbour to fish there, I only had squid on board and thought the catches would not be so good as squid is not the best bait for the harbour, we had a surprise as the grunter loved the squid and we caught quite a few, the largest was 39cm and just did not make size so all were released. I cancelled the Sunday trip as the forecast looked so bad and it looks like Sunday morning was stunning.

Monday, March 17, 2014

Light Tackle Tuna Fishing with Bass Rods off Durban

We went out on Sunday with some guests from Holland, and we did some Light Tackle fishing for Tuna with some Bass rods. We had a blast, the fishing was great and fighting these strong tuna on the light tackle was a real rush. We lost a few fish including a Wahoo but we also landed some nice Yellowfin Tuna and Oceanic Bonitos

Monday, March 10, 2014

Weekend fishing report from Durban

Weekends fishing Report. We fished on Saturday and Sunday and for both days the weather man got it completely wrong as we were expecting flat seas but got a stiff SW chop instead. Water is very warm and crystal clear.
07h00 on Saturday morning we hooked up a small Black Marlin and after about 30min the angler gave up on the fight and we lost the fish, man on man did that just drop my spirits low d...own. We then got a few small Oceanic Bonitos and some very small Yellowfin Tuna. After that we went for bottoms and got some Slinger.
Sunday morning we went out for a 5hr trip and at about 05h30 as we were setting our spread we hooked into a monster Wahoo of at least 30Kg, and it was still dark, he was right there at the boat and we could see him when he managed to bite through the leader and so we lost him, after that all we managed was Oceanic Bonitos and tiny Yellowfin Tuna.
A very disappointing weekend losing 2 great fish.