Thursday, October 3, 2013

Monster Bonnies off Durban today

We went out for a 5hr charter this morning looking for some Yellowfin Tuna, there was a moderate NE wind blowing which later turned into a howling SW wind so the sea was bumpy for the whole trip. Water temperature averaged at 20.7 deg.C.

It was not long before we had a triple hook up and chaos took over, and we managed 2 good sized Bonnies 8Kg and 9.5Kg, the 3rd one spat the hooks when it got near the boat.

We were still hunting for Tuna and headed deeper out but the water did not look so good so we came back inshore with no result.

I then plotted a course back home and one of the rigs that was running a deep running X-Rap 30 started screaming and after a good fight we boated a magnificent 11Kg Bonnie.

I saw no Tuna activity at all during the trip.

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