Sunday, October 20, 2013

Goedertrouw Dam Bass Fishing Report – October 2013

We fished Goedertrouw from Monday to Friday, the fishing was tough and we fished hard, 1000’s of casts were made and we got some fair results.

We made our way up early Monday morning, the weather was extremely hot on Monday and Tuesday, and the fishing was very difficult, on Wednesday Gale Force winds cam up and we had to get off the water at 10am and did not fish the rest of the day. On Thursday it was overcast and raining the whole day, but the fishing was good and although we were cold and sopping wet we had smiles on our faces. Friday we fished a short morning session in raining overcast conditions and then made our way back to Durban.

Over all I think we got about 35 Bass in Total (I did not count) and although we got a few rats, most the Bass we got were just over or under 2Kg, we also managed 3 Bass of 3.5Kg and a several other good bass.

The water level was very high, and most the fauna and flora was still very dry.

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