Saturday, October 26, 2013

Trip to Kosi Lakes

We are off to Kosi Lakes for a week of estuary fishing, hope we get at least 1 big GT. Will post reports and pics on my return

Sunday, October 20, 2013

3 Tuna Species in one day off Durban

We launched at 05h00 yesterday hoping to miss out on the rain, however 1 hour out and we got under a rain cloud and got wet anyway.

Within the 1st 30min we had a good sized Kawa Kawa on board, and then whilst it was rain we had no action, then after we passed the cloud we got a nice Yellowfin Tuna on board.

My original plan was to head North, but I could see heavy rain that side and so we changed course and headed out deep. En Route to the deep we got hit by a very large fish that stripped 300m of line off the reel in no time, unfortunately during the fight the hook came loose and we lost the fish. Possibly a big Tuna.

After that thing were quite for a while and we had several small fish pull our lures off the riggers with no hook ups. Out in the deep we found water up to 21.8deg.C whilst inshore the water temp was around 20.6deg.C. All our fish came in the colder water.

Coming back from the deep running in a following sea we had plenty action, 1st was an Oceanic Bonitio (Skip Jack Tuna) followed by 4 Yellow fin Tuna, and then coming back in shore 3 more Kawa Kawa (Eastern Little Tuna). We also got taxed on 2 more Yellowfin Tuna by Sharks

Our tally for the day was 10 fish (5 x Yellowfin, 4 x Kawa Kawa, 1 Skipjack)

On a lighter note, my deck had was dealing with a Yellowfin Tuna on board that was really going wild and the Rapala in his mouth got hooked on my deckies shorts pulling them all the way down past his knees.

Goedertrouw Dam Bass Fishing Report – October 2013

We fished Goedertrouw from Monday to Friday, the fishing was tough and we fished hard, 1000’s of casts were made and we got some fair results.

We made our way up early Monday morning, the weather was extremely hot on Monday and Tuesday, and the fishing was very difficult, on Wednesday Gale Force winds cam up and we had to get off the water at 10am and did not fish the rest of the day. On Thursday it was overcast and raining the whole day, but the fishing was good and although we were cold and sopping wet we had smiles on our faces. Friday we fished a short morning session in raining overcast conditions and then made our way back to Durban.

Over all I think we got about 35 Bass in Total (I did not count) and although we got a few rats, most the Bass we got were just over or under 2Kg, we also managed 3 Bass of 3.5Kg and a several other good bass.

The water level was very high, and most the fauna and flora was still very dry.

Sunday, October 13, 2013

A week of Bass Fishing at Goedertrouw Dam

Am off to Goedertrouw for a week of Bass Fishing, hope to get some of those Beeeg Florida Bass that hang out there.
When we get back I have a 12hr Big Game trip
Will post report and pics

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Monster Bonnie on Video

Monster Bonnies off Durban today

We went out for a 5hr charter this morning looking for some Yellowfin Tuna, there was a moderate NE wind blowing which later turned into a howling SW wind so the sea was bumpy for the whole trip. Water temperature averaged at 20.7 deg.C.

It was not long before we had a triple hook up and chaos took over, and we managed 2 good sized Bonnies 8Kg and 9.5Kg, the 3rd one spat the hooks when it got near the boat.

We were still hunting for Tuna and headed deeper out but the water did not look so good so we came back inshore with no result.

I then plotted a course back home and one of the rigs that was running a deep running X-Rap 30 started screaming and after a good fight we boated a magnificent 11Kg Bonnie.

I saw no Tuna activity at all during the trip.

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Warm current is almost in Durban

This is good news, the warm current has passed Richards Bay and is almost in Durban, any day now we will see our summer fish, I wont be surprised if its this weekend :)