Monday, September 30, 2013

Fishing Report off Durban

We had 2 trips in the last week, water has been cold and under 21 deg.C. The first trip was out with NE conditions and on Sunday we had overcast SW conditions. Seas have not been pleasant.
On the 1st trip we fished for bottom fish and we got Slinger and Soldier bream all size but nothing to right home about.
 On Sundays trip we saw some very large Yellowfin Tuna around that I would guess to be in the 50-60Kg range. We had a triple hook up on 15Kg line and got spooled on all 3 lines  :(  , I think they were large Yellowfin and we were not able to even slow them down. Other than that we did some bottom fishing and caught a fair amount of Shad.

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