Monday, September 30, 2013

Jozini Report 20-22 September 2013

On the way up I struggled for fuel as all the garages I went to were closed due to the strike, I eventually got fuel and it seem that this fuel was dirty as I was plagued with dirty fuel problems all the way up and back. Once home I had to replace all fuel lines, fuel pump and filter, wash out my fuel tank and clean my carburettors. I also arrived late for our 1st fishing session.

On Friday it was stinking hot and over 40deg.C with a very strong NE wind, we managed 5 fish nothing big. Friday night the weather turned and it got icy cold along with rain and temperature never went over 19deg.C for the rest of the trip. On Saturday we managed 7 fish in a howling SW wind, and on Sunday we only managed 1 fish, making it the worst day I have ever had on Jozini, at least on that day there was no wind.

Even though we did not land a lot of fish, we had a lot of action and we missed and lost so many fish, I got spooled on a big one, and we also got bitten off countless times and even had fish launch at our lures right next to the boat as we were bringing them out to re-cast. What we found is that the fish were missing the lures in many cases.

The water level at the dam is still full and the water is warming up nicely.

Fishing Report off Durban

We had 2 trips in the last week, water has been cold and under 21 deg.C. The first trip was out with NE conditions and on Sunday we had overcast SW conditions. Seas have not been pleasant.
On the 1st trip we fished for bottom fish and we got Slinger and Soldier bream all size but nothing to right home about.
 On Sundays trip we saw some very large Yellowfin Tuna around that I would guess to be in the 50-60Kg range. We had a triple hook up on 15Kg line and got spooled on all 3 lines  :(  , I think they were large Yellowfin and we were not able to even slow them down. Other than that we did some bottom fishing and caught a fair amount of Shad.

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Off to Jozini

Leave tomorrow for a Tiger Fishing charter at Jozini for a few days, will post report and pics next week on my return

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Weekend report - Hard Fishing off Durban

On Saturday we went out for a 5hr Charter, there was a light SW wind blowing and the sea was pretty flat. Water temperature averaged under 21deg.C. The current was screaming and the barometer was low and falling

We trolled up North for Tuna with no luck, and then stopped to do bottom fishing. We caught a fair amount of Slinger, Soldier Bream and Englishmen. We also managed to land a very large Rockod.

On Sunday we had an 8hr Charters and the NE wind was pumping, and the current still screaming, although early morning conditions were quite nice the day deteriorated rapidly. The barometer started out Ok, but started falling as the day went on. We trolled North for Tuna staying close inshore going over a variety of structures and made our way to Mid Reef by Umhloti where we started bottom fishing. We had no luck in the deeper waters and with the screaming current could not keep our baits down, and so we came and fished shallower at 30m and we caught a lot of pan size Slinger, Englishmen and Soldier Bream.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Good Weather Forecast

Weather forecast looks awesome for this coming weekend and the 1st few days of next week

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Durban Family Fishing Fun

Took my family fishing deep sea for the 1st time ever today, sea was awesome, water temp averaged around 20deg C. We only went out for 4 hours and I was able to show them Whales, Dolphins and Turtles. We also saw a flying fish.

As for the fishing, both Mommy and my Boy managed to land their 1st Yellowfin Tuna ever, my baby girl almost burst into tears when we bled the 1st Yellowfin.

For the 4hrs we managed 2 x Yellowfin Tuna and 2 x Kawa-kawa all in the 4-5Kg range.