Thursday, August 29, 2013

A good day fishing offshore Durban

We launched at 06h00 this morning with a light NE breeze, by the time I got out the harbour there was a SW blowing and it got stronger as the day progressed and then switched back to a NE wind.
Current was SN but not to strong, in the morning the sea was not nice but it did improve as the day went on.
Lots of whale activity, and the water temp averaged 20.1deg.C
Fishing was good and we started off looking for some Tuna with no luck and then we switched to bottom and got a fair amount of decent fish, with some good Rockod, Large Slinger, Englismen and Copper Bream along with some Soldier bream to fill the bad. I think 20 good bottom fish in total.
We trolled on our way back to port and managed 4 YFT to make for a superb day.


Monday, August 26, 2013

Big Yellowfin Tuna offshore Durban 16 August 2013

Was out this morning and we landed a nice Yellowfin Tuna of 30Kg before the ugly west set in and seasickness shortened our trip.

Jozini Tiger Fishing Trip – August 2013

Drove up on Monday to  Jozini for a Tiger fishing trip, the water is still very cold but crystal clear  and the dam is almost 100% full.
Early mornings were very  cold but the days were hot, on Monday the wind was howling first NE and the SW,  Tuesday was a spectacular day, Wednesday morning was stunning but the afternoon  was terrible with a massive SW wind blowing causing very large waves.

Fishing was very hard and  over the 2 days I think we only got about 10 fish in total, a few fair size  ones and one or two dinks. Then on Wednesday afternoon when the huge SW began  and the waves were rolling we had 2 good fish in a row, a 5.5Kg and a 6Kg.
I had to work really hard  to get fish and we travelled a lot around the dam and covered a good amount of  water.

I am pleased with that 6Kg  Tiger as this fish sets a new record for my charters.

The birds are all starting  to breed and although most the vegetation is still brown one can clearly see  the beginning signs of Spring. I noticed two Ostriches which I have never seen  around the dam before and these birds are really large specimens.

Got back on Thursday to  get ready for a Tuna trip on Friday morning.

Deep Sea Fishing Durban 31 July 2013

Was out today again, started with a light SN current and then changed to a screaming NS current, water temp 20.6deg.C
We tried for Tuna for 3hrs with no luck, we then went for bottoms and got a load of slinger, we also got a monster Mackerel on our 1st drop and put him out on the trap stick only to loose him to a shark. Another fish of note was a monster toby, will post pics of him soon.
Again all our big fish got taxed by sharks, I worked out that on our last 4 trips we have lost over 100 traces and sinkers to sharks.

Deep Sea Fishing Durban 29 July 2013

Went out on Monday for a morning trip of bottom fishing, early there was a light SW and we made our way to our first waypoint. As I was stopping the boat we saw a small Sailfish chasing some bait fish and jumping clear out the water.
As the day progressed the SW picked up and made for a very uncomfortable sea.
The SN current was screaming and the boat was drifting at 3 knots and sometimes even more and even at 30-40m we had to use 1Kg of sinkers to reach the bottom and at 50m we could not get to the bottom.
We managed some Slinger and Soldiers and we also got taxed by sharks on all decent size fish.
We also got a nice Kingfish which we released
Sharks have been a reel problem of late !!!!!!

Deep Sea Fishing Durban 27 July 2013

Was not a nice sea today, especially this morning, swells were very short and steep but did improve as the day went on.
My guests all bravely fought sea sickness, but in the end we headed back 2 hours early.
For the 6 hours that we fished we started at backline for shad and quickly had quota as they were thick and had to throw many undersize ones back.
We then went out to the reefs and I specifically avoided areas where we had sharks yesterday and we were successful with that, although I heard many guys on the radio complaining about the sharks.
We could have done a lot better today if the boat did not rock my guests out of it but we managed a good assortment of bottoms with some good Soldiers, some Slinger, we got one really nice sized Slinger, we got Rockod, Cave Bass, Lantern Fish, Sea Barbel, Stumpnose, Blacktail and Hog Fish, all in all I think about 30 fish.

Deep Sea Fishing Durban 26 July 2013

Was out today to do bottoms with a late launch at 09h00 for a 5 hour trip
In the morning there was virtually no wind or current and the bottom fishing was good and we managed some good sized Soldiers, Englishmen and Bronze Bream, but we also got smashed by sharks as the day progressed and we lost some really good fish and plenty terminal tackle. We had 3 really serious shark fights.
In the afternoon the NE came up and the fishing slowed down, but the sharks got worse, and in the end our guests managed to take home about 20 decent fish.

Deep Sea Fishing Durban 13 July 2013

Saturday was such awesome weather and we spent 12hrs out, for our efforts we got 4 nice Yellowfin Tuna around 10Kg and a small Black Tip also hit our feather.
There was not much bird life around at all, but plenty whale action and we even saw a Minky whale take a massive jump near us, we passed 1 poor lonely Dolphin all by himself

Deep Sea Fishing Durban 12th July 2013

Friday was a great day, we successfully released the Albatross.
Bottom fishing was great and we got some good fish, we landed some really good sized copper bream, and we even got 2 x 74's (which we released) some big soldiers a bunch of Slinger (pan size) and some Bronze bream along with a wide variety of other species, we got broken up 2 x by large amber jacks (now I know what those big showings on the finder are)

Deep Sea Fishing Durban 6th July 2013

Was out this morning on a 5hr trip. Sea was lumpy this morning but got better as the day continued. Water temp was 21.5deg
We trolled out to the reefs and managed 1 Kawakawa of around 6Kg and then we did bttom fishing. We found most our fish in 30-40m of water and got a lot of slinger and Soldier bream, we also got a bus of a rockod and large Englishman and a large Rubber lips.

Marlin in July off Durban

Had a 12hr Tuna trip on Friday.

We launched at 05h00 and headed 90km north of Durban, we  ran about 30km till 06h30 before we dropped lines at Dawns crack. It was  overcast with pockets of rain and was a cold day at sea, the NE was already  pumping and the sea was not pleasant and worsened as the day continued ending in  a 30knot NE with swells almost 4m. Water temp was 21.6deg mostly and crystal  clear and blue. I had decided to fish with 30’s as I was not expecting any big  fish.

That morning the birds were wild and we must have had at  least 200 birds around us at any given time during the day, we had 5 species of  Albatross, Skua's, Gannets, Petrels, Terns and a few others, there was also  lots and lots of whale activity about.

The finder also was showing plenty activity in the 1st  20m of water and I also noticed some big fish on the bottom.

As we set our spread the 1st line out is always the  shotgun, and before we even had a chance to get the second line out we heard  the rigger pop and we had our 1st Yellowfin on. By 07h00 we had 3 Yellowfin  landed and in the next hour we landed another 9.

Just after 08h00 we had 4 lines go and as we got everyone  into fighting their fish and I slowed the boat down we had a whale jump behind  the boat and tangle all 4 lines, and if you think that’s bad things got worse.

So there we are trying to untangle these 4 lines all with  a Yellowfin attached to them, the boat idling along at 2-3knots, one of the 3  remaining lines still in the water pops of the rigger and the rod gets a  serious bend as the reel starts to scream, I see a flash out of the corner of  my eye and shout Sailfish, but it was a small Black Marlin of 50-60Kg, this guy  was bouncing around behind the boat left, right and towards us without taking  much line and I had to accelerate the boat several times. Once the angler had  settled into the fight I grabbed all 4 tangled lines and hand-lined the 4  Yellowfin to the boat (not an easy task in anyway).

Once I had the 4 Yellowfin on board I went up to the  bridge and it was then that one of the saddest days of my life began to unfold  before my eyes. The remaining 2 lures that were still out each had been taken  by an Albatross and with all the chaos that had happened I had not noticed and  most likely when I accelerated the boat all those time with the Marlin they  must have been dragged under the water. I stopped the boat and my deck hand and  I each brought in a line.
We then brought the 2 bodies on board and I began to give  CPR and mouth to mouth to the 2 birds. I gave my best efforts and managed to  revive the one bird, but the one did not make it.
I must say at that specific point I wanted to give up  fishing I felt so guilty and I even hated myself (You know how I love birds), I  cried like a baby and even prayed for the bird but eventually gave up the CPR  and put the saved bird in the cabin. We all had a moments silence for the dead  bird before we laid him over board and it was heart breaking to see his  lifeless body floating in the water.

The Marlin fight was still on and so I engaged the boat  again and we continued fishing, the guys were all excited but for me my day was  ruined and we still had 9hrs to go.

As I was not expecting big fish we where fishing light  with small lures, and the lure that the Marlin had taken was a small Black/Purple  Sailfish catcher rigged with 1mm line and a 6/0 hook.
Whilst I was leadering the fish he took a massive jump  past the corner of the boat and the hook broke. I still can’t believe a Marlin  in mid July off Durban, crazy stuff.

I am happy to report that the saved Albatross is doing  well and I will be releasing him this coming Friday

Offshore Durban June 29th 2013

Was out on Saturday, conditions were good, we stopped at backline first to get some Shad and the fish were on the bite and some good sizes also. Some of my guys got so sick we only lasted there about an hour and then the rest of the trip was spend in the bay. We got more shad in the bay also good sizes and a lot of Salmon also. Plenty Mackerel and Mozzies also on the backline
On guy dropped one of my rods and reels over board, and he paid me cash on the spot for it, what do you know, the next drift one of the other guys hooked the rig and I got it back. Am quite pleased as that is one of my special rods that I could not replace

Deep Sea Fishing Durban 24th June 2013

Monday was a dissapointment, the barometer was falling the whole day and we found no Tuna, and we managed only 2 small skipjacks which we used as Shark bait, sadley no shark either.
At least while waiting for the shark we had some good bottom fishing

Deep Sea Fishing Durban 21st June 2013

Busy day on Friday with 2 trips.
In the morning we went out to do some bottom fishing, conditions were superb, light current and water at 21.5deg.C
Bottom fishing was excellent, and we got about 80 fish including a very large a Sea Barbel, a 5Kg Englisman and 5 Amberjacks.
In the afternoon I had an inshore trip and we quickly had our quota of shad and a large Rockod, NE wind was pumping and the sea was very choppy so we came back into the bay were we got a few Snapper Salmon and 2 Grunter

Deep Sea Fishing Durban 18th June 2013

Was out on Tuesday for a 5hr trip with a family and their 2 sons.

Was a stunning day, conditions ideal and a light S-N current. Fishing was also good with slinger, soldier bream, copper bream, rubber lips and rockod being caught, we also landed a nice little king fish, a ramora and some triggers.

I used a sand soldier as a flapper bait (The only sand soldier we got for the day) and on the way down a large Black tip Shark took it and came flying out the water right behind the boat by the swim platform, doing a full spin and landing on the rear gunnel, luckily he went down water side and not onto the deck. A very exciting addrenalin filled moment for all of us.

Got 2 x 12hr trips out to the deep in search of some good tuna coming up soon.

Deep Sea Fishing Durban 16th June 2013

Was out on Sunday, SW was blowing but not to strong and conditions were nice. Water temp was around 22deg.C.
With the current screaming, I decided to use light 20lb spinning tackle with braid to get down to the bottom and this prooved to be great fun. We got a lot of Slinger, and some really good size Rubber Lips, we also got broken off by Amber Jacks twice and had a small amount of shark interferance

Deep Sea Fishing Durban 2nd June 2013

After a good trip to Jozini, I got back to Durban on Friday at 01h00 and decided to sleep on Fat Girl for my early launch.
The NE was already blowing when we left at 06h00 and it got worse, the current was screaming and so we fished light braid to get down to the bottom.
What can I say, the slinger were on the bite and virtually every drop produced 3 fish and soon we had plenty on board.
2 guys of the 8 got rather green around the gills so we came back to the harbour to fish the last 2hrs of the trip.
We got a lot of salmon, and interestingly we also got a lot of Mozzies and sand soldiers in the bay, which all in all made for a good trip

Winter Tiger Fishing trip to Jozini

I always love going to Jozini, it’s one of my favourite places  in the world, even when I am busy I will always make a way to get there when I  am needed.
I left Durban at midnight on Thursday and drove up, met  my client at Shayamoya lodge for breakfast and then we went fishing the whole  day. On Friday we fished the whole day and then at around 18h30 I made my way  back to Durban for a deep sea trip on Saturday morning. Hectic, but worth it.

The dam is full again, but the weed beds and grasses are  different to what they have been in the past, the water was not warm and was  very clean. Even in winter this place gets hot with both days over 30 deg.C. on  Thursday we had a stiff NE wind blowing and on Friday and gentle SW wind  blowing.

I struggled for a while to find the pattern, to find  where the fish were and how they were feeding, and even once we figured out the  pattern the fishing was hard with not many fish around. We got some fish on the  surface but for the most part the fish were feeding off the structure and it  was deep and slow fishing, and so for most of the trip we fished drop shot (Jig  heads) and very seldom did any surface fishing.

On Thursday we managed 6 fish between the 2 of us, mostly  around 1.5Kg and we also dropped a few around trees and other structure.

Friday the water was glassed and flat in the morning and  we really struggled with only 1 fish by lunchtime, we then stopped fishing for  a while and ate our lunch. The wind had picked up a little by then and the  water had a nice ripple and we were refreshed and ready to make another 1000 casts.
It was not long when the one reel started screaming and  we had a decent Tiger on the line who put a serious bend into the rod and he  really fought hard with plenty acrobatics and aerial displays in the typical  Tiger fish fashion. After about a 15 minute fight we managed to get a whopping  5.5Kg Tiger into the net and my client was ecstatic. I was relieved as this has  been one of the slowest trips I have ever had. After that fish we managed to  get another 4 Tigers, bringing our tally to 6 for the day.

Sharks were wild offshore Durban

27th May
The sharks are out in full force, Saturday was the worst I have had in a long while. We hooked up 8 sharks in 3hrs, 4 spinners and 4 blacktips
Plenty Mackerel around.
The best entertainment for the day was when a spinner shark chased our live bait off the balloon and we watched as both the mackerel and the spinner went round and round the balloon jomping and diving. Eventually the shark won.

Deep Sea Fishing Durban 23rd May 2013

Frustrating day today.
Went out to test serviced injector pumps, and took my deck hand with to teach him som stuff.
Got some live bait and did a long drift, using light tackle
Dropped 2 couta and a saily this afternoon, no. 2 wire to light, was great fun, especially when the saily did acrobatics by the boat befor the wire kinked

Deep Sea Fishing Durban 21st May 2013

Was out the weekend. Lovely conditions.
Wd did ok with slinger, soldier bream, rubber lips and a good size tomato rockod.
Lots of bonnie action on light tackle.
Managed a 9kg bonnie myself with a small spoon on 12lb bass tackle, was a good fight. Been a while since I had a fight myself