Friday, May 10, 2013

Dorado in May

Went out yesterday, the morning was stunning but when I saw the red sky in the morning as we left the harbour I knew the day would end up ugly.

We made our way North, lots and lots of Albatross inshore and we got a good serving of Bonnies,... as they were small we decided to go light and set a spread with my Babies.

Later at som good bottom grounds up North in 50m we tried to get our baits down and even with 2Kg of sinkers (4 x 1/2Kg) we still could not get to the bottom as the S-N current was screaming, I even tried running the boat into the current but this just caused tangles so we gave up.

By this time the wind has started picking up and so I decided to head towards the coastline and hug the shore whilst we trolled back.

Was quite interesting and every so often we woul hit a pocket of small bonnies and all the lines would go, we only ran 5 lines as the wind was hectic by now and the rappies did not want to swim into that current and kept on popping.

In 16m of water at LaMercy in 21deg Water we got a surprise with a small Dorado. Go Figure
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Monday, May 6, 2013

Good weather for the week ahead

After lousy weather this weekend, its Monday and as predicted we have glorious weather which looks to stay for the entire week

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Next Weeks Forecast

Wow, awesome weather forecast for next week, Saturday looks ugly but from Monday the sea will be stunning, am sure we will get some good fishing in. Book your trips for next week guys

3rd May Weather Forecast

Awesome weather and conditions for Deep Sea tomorrow

Blue Marlin Fishing off Durban

Yellowfin Tuna Fishing off Durban

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1st May :(

Left the harbour at 06h00, sea was reasonably pleasant, we headed South and as we went out deeper we found some warm water at 24.3deg.C which was blue blue blue, as we hit 150m off Toti at about 07h30 the wind came up and we had some really nasty swells pic up, headed in shallower by Toti and tried for bottoms and sloley made our way back. SN current was screaming and even at 30m we struggled to get our lines down.
For our efforts we were rewarded with a bucket full of Soldier bream and some Jub-Jubs

Last Weekends Fishing

Was out Saturday and Sunday.
Saturdays trip was cut short due to sea sickness
Sunday we did bottoms. Sea was nasty with very close sets although not too big closer in and improved as the day went on
Fishing was hard but we got at least 20 good fish (Slinger, Soldier Bream, Copper Bream)
We also got 2 Kingies, and some huge Blacktail

Lots of small Tuna and a large Shark

Launched at 06h00 this morning for a 5hr trip and it was cold. Brrrrr. Had to put some warm layers on. As the day progressed it got nice an warm.

Warm water well over 24deg.C, crystal clear and cobalt blue. Full of life. Lots of small Tuna and Oceanic bonitos around. Dolphins very active and all over the place.

We managed a whole bunch of Smaller Yellowfin Tuna and Oceanic Bonito’s, and also 1 Kawa-kawa which we used as a Shark bait.

Just as we had taken in our lines, whilst I was preparing our shark bait the KZN Wildlife guys popped around for a friendly visit to inspect our fishing licenses.

Then after they left what an amazing experience as I dropped our Shark bait Kawa over board, a decent size Shark took it right in front of my eyes and the game was on. 30 minutes later we released a Shark of around 70-80Kg.

Winter Tuna have arrived

We launched at 06h00, and made our way out into a nasty SW wind blowing at around 18knts, and it steadily grew stronger to about 22knts. Water temps inshore was 20.3deg.C and deeper out the best we got was 21.5deg.C. We set a spread of 9 lines and got fishing.

Water was full of life and I found a good current line were we managed 2 good sized Yellowfin Tuna, the 1st one took an Olive Bullet on the Shotgun and the second one took and Blue/White X-Rap .

I wanted to stay out deep, but Fat Girl was slapping down into the large deep swell and I decided to head back inshore to the smaller swells.

The young lady really gave all her strength to fight her Tuna on 30lb. Well done!!!!
I knew we would get Tuna today after the west blew, and this trip shows we are still the top Tuna boat in Durban.

Kiddies Fishing

Took some kiddies out yesterday for some interesting light tackle offshore, we started out into a NE and headed home in a SW.
Water is still cold and green, under 22deg.C, but there where a few schools of Bonnies around, which gave some reel excitement.
We then stopped for to do some light tackle bottom fishing and we did Ok with the Soldier Bream, we hooked into 4 big fish and all 4 got taxed.
A school of "something with teeth" came past and all the lines went tight, one after another and then bitten off.
I decided to do some jigging for a while and got a small Yellowfin on my first drop.
Also saw a school of "Long Silver Fish" all jumping along as they swam, don't know what they were but have often seen them out in the deep but never been able to ID them.
Lots of Dolphins and Turtles around, and that large Zambezi breached about 50m away from our boat chasing after something and this got the 4 boys over excited and was the highlight for them.
At least there is some life around for a change.