Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Fathers and Sons Fishing

Fathers and Sons Fishing.

Offshore Fishing Report – 25 June 2019

We had 2 families on the boat for a short morning charter. Water is very cold and under 20deg.C and we had a screaming reverse current. The cold water is a good sign for those awaiting the arrival of the sardines as usually when it drops under 20deg.C it means they are on their way.

We struggled to get our baits down in the screaming current and we only got one drop on the mark and had to continuously reposition after every drop to stay on point. We managed to get about 20 nice bottom fish that we could keep including a few Slinger but mostly Soldiers were feeding, we got a few nice sized ones and many undersize fish which we put back and to make sure they survived we brought them up slowly so they would go back down and not float. We also managed 1 Bonnie on the troll. A frustrating day indeed, especially after so many great trips in the past 6 weeks.

Fishing trips for Fathers and Sons are great for bonding and connecting.       




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