Saturday, May 25, 2019

Bottom Fishing is still good

Bottom Fishing is still good.

Offshore Fishing Report – Durban – 24 May 2019

Wow, with seas as flat as a small country pond and not even a swell made for a very comfortable day at sea. The fishing was also really great and we got into some good size Slinger and in less than 2 hours we had full quota on the boat, these Slinger are great sport on spinning tackle. The problem was then what to do with the rest of the time, and so we decided to try look for a Tuna but never got one.

It’s not every day that one can get full quota on a trip, especially in such a short time, in this situation a person must be contentious of regulations and conservation and not take more than the limit that is allowed. My suggestion is to use this time to look for something specific or special, try out new techniques and investigate new areas. We stop when we are 2-3 fish from full quota and then do something different.



Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Bucket List achieved in one trip.

Bucket List achieved in one trip.

Offshore Fishing Report – Durban – 22 May 2019

What stunning conditions, flat seas, light winds and sunny skies which made for an awesome day. The water is still dirty and there is debris around, temperature is under 21 deg.C. I found no signs of Tuna or Bonito and so we stopped and went for bottoms and really got some nice quality fish with some good sized Slinger, Copper Bream, Englishman and Soldier Bream. Once we had full quota of bottom fish for all on board we trolled back looking for a Tuna and I went inshore over certain points that have yielded us good Tuna in the past, sadly there was no sign, not even bait fish and we managed 1 frigate Tuna. Immediately after we went over the last point the shotgun snapped and the reel was screaming and in no time we were into the backing and could not stop this fish, to make a long story short after slowing the boat down more than normal and a hard 20 minute fight we managed to land a small yogurt bucket much to our surprise. It’s not every day that one can land their entire bucket list in 1 trip.



Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Good Reef Fishing, Game Fishing Slow

Good Reef Fishing, Game Fishing Slow

Offshore Fishing Report – Durban – 20 May 2019

On our last 2 trips the water temps have dropped below 21 deg.C, Sunday had light winds and small swells yet it was not pleasant with a reverse current directly opposite the swell direction making for a very close swell of around 4 seconds, Monday was nice and comfortable with flat seas even though the NE was blowing a bit. We struggled to find any Tuna and even Bonito have been scarce and we only got a few stragglers and strangely enough we got an Oceanic in the shallows on our way back on Sunday and these are normally caught much deeper out. Bottom Fishing was good and on both days we opted to go for bottoms, on both days we got a lot of Slinger and Soldier Bream and also some other quality fish of decent sizes like Englishman, Copper Bream and Rubber Lips.



Tuesday, May 14, 2019

It’s Winter - Bonito back in full force and a good Tuna

It’s Winter - Bonito back in full force and a good Tuna

Offshore Fishing Report – Durban – 14 May 2019

Winter is here and our game fishing season ended abruptly at Easter after the floods. Clean up teams came out in full force about a week after the floods and the bulk of the debris has been cleaned up. Offshore waters are clearing up and things are looking alive and active. The water temperatures have been dropping and today it averaged just over 22 deg.C. Deeper out the water is clear blue and inshore it is green but clear. This morning as we left port we saw the first Whale for the season and there are many juvenile Gannets around. We had a short morning trip with a guest from the US who said he wanted a Yellowfin Tuna and had tried in many places around the world but always lucked out. I found nothing in the deep so headed inshore with light tackle and different tactics, we found some bird activity but they were only smashing sprats and no fish. I then found and area with good showings and 1 bigger fish and started working that spot that I marked and we had a good run with Bonito (Eastern Little Tuna), catching one after another and even plenty multiple hook ups which was great fun as our sole guest got to fight fish after fish after fish and on light tackle Bonito are good sport. During all this action we had a large Zambezi Shark (Bull Shark) about 3.5m long jump clear over our lines just a few meters behind the boat, this was a magnificent display when he broached about 3m in the air and twisted as he cam e back down. I could still see 1 big fish on the showing in the shoal as we followed it around and finally after landing 20 Bonito we hooked into a good size Yellowfin Tuna which gave a great fight on the lighter tackle. I knew the Tuna was there, I saw him and we persisted till we got him. After landing the Tuna we got a few more Bonito and then we headed back to port.

Sunday, April 28, 2019

Good Bottom Fishing after the Floods

Good Bottom Fishing after the Floods
Offshore Fishing Report – Durban – End April 2019
Easter weekend was a washout with heavy rains ending with floods on Monday night. On Tuesday the harbour was filthy and full of debris and litter that has washed down from rivers and storm water drains, the sea was also a mess, as the week went on the debris in the harbour remained but was taken away by currents offshore leaving green water with the first few meters filled with freshwater. I have never before seen so much empty plastic bottles floating around out at sea as I did after these floods in my life before, it is so disgusting to se mankind’s litter all over the ocean, the harbour has been a cesspool of filth and it stinks. Clean up operations have been fruitless; more rubbish has drifted down after so much effort was put in. Very difficult conditions to fish in and we have found no game fish at all. With on the first few meters of water not good the reefs seem to be unaffected and we have had some really superb bottom fishing with loads of Slinger being caught along with a few other species, all average sized fish and many multiple hook ups with a fish on every hook dropped down. In no time quotas were filled. On one trip we had full quota of bottom fish for all on board within the first hour and then tried in vain for the rest of the trip looking for Tuna. Yesterday we ventured out to deep waters after bottoms first and found out deep that the water is clean, blue and warm but sadly void of life. During the next week I think the offshore waters will improve quickly but the harbour will take a while to clean up. To all those who have volunteered and spent their own time to assist with clean ups all around a BIG THANK YOU and my respect, a big thumbs down to the municipality for leaving things to get this bad and not making much effort to clean up leaving it to volunteers.

Friday, April 12, 2019

Another Marlin and a Grand Slam for Fat Girl

Another Marlin and a Grand Slam for Fat Girl

Marlin Fishing Report – Durban – 12 April 2019

We launched into nice conditions today for a short 5 hour trip, it was action packed early with some Sarda Sarda on light tackle, we were supposed to go do bottoms but so much fish were being caught that it never happened. As we about to pull lines up to head back to port out guests asked to extend their trip by 3 more hours and so I made a turn and started heading out again, immediately on the turn we had a double hook up with 2 big Bonito, and the Sarda Sarda action continued and then we has an almost full strike and fought all the fish to the boat, there was 1 line remaining in the water, we had 14 Sarda and 6 Bonnies in the hatch. After we got the fish on deck I put the speed back up again and before we could put any lines out the remaining line popped of the rigger and we had a proper fish on and were into the backing, soon after we saw a Black Marlin jumping. This was a long hard fight as we hooked up on light tackle with a Tyrnos 30, we got the fish to the boat and then he turned as was into the backing again, the Marlin made 2 more strong runs each one shorter than the one before and eventually we got the fish to the boat and successfully released a Black Marlin of about 180kg (400lbs). Well done to Darren on catching and releasing his first Marlin, and a special note of respect for fighting the fish so well on the light tackle. 2 Trips and 2 Marlin for Blue Water Charters.



Wednesday, April 10, 2019

About the Marlin, the Hammerhead and 7 Tuna

About the Marlin, the Hammerhead and 7 Tuna

Marlin Fishing Report – Durban – 10 April 2019

Today the Blue Water Charters team and some friends went out for a team building fishing trip, the plan was to go deep a get a Marlin or for 2nd prize a good tuna. Everything looked right for today and so we decided to go and at 04h50 we left Wilson’s Wharf on Fat Girl and made our way out the harbour and set course for the continental shelf as the SST charts showed warm waters out there as closer in it has been very quiet of late. As we went out we found warm blue water on the inside, but once we crossed the Agulhas the water got colder and greener. In this area we came across a pod of Minke Whales, perhaps 9-10 of them and we came across the remains of what looked like Humboldt Squid, it was here that we discovered that the SST charts were incorrect for the day, none the less we plodded on out to the deep when I noticed a clear line near the drop off in the deep waters and so changed course and headed out towards this line which turned out to be about 1 km wide with a difference of 2 degrees in SST on either side and so I started working this as we found birds, flying fish ( 1 which landed on the bow of the boat, very cute and we put it back in the water), pods of dolphins, some small jumping Bonito and other life in this water. By this time we were this far out we had already spent several hours on the water with no fish and everyone was hungry so we started our braai and got the sausages cooking (Thanks Adam), as we all started to eat I made a comment that when we all have our food in our hands and are in the middle of eating we will get a hook up. As things go it happened exactly like that with a triple hook up with some decent size Yellowfin Tuna and everyone’s hands were full and so with stuffed mouths we managed to land 2 of the 3 with one coming off. We set the spread again and continued working the line and it was not long and we had a full strike with 7 rods going, 1 Tuna came off and one line got rubbed in the entanglement and parted and we landed 5 of them. So after 8 years I realised that today was the first time I had fought a fish from my own fighting chair and it was a decent 30kg Yellowfin Tuna. Of the 7 Tuna landed the smallest was 22kg and the largest was 30kg making the hatch full. 3 of these buss Tuna were taken on the new Rapala Xtreme’s that we have been testing and running. The deck was cleaned and spread reset and I carried on working the line. The story gets an interesting twist at this stage because we noticed a Greater Hammerhead shark ahead of the boat and as we got closer he moved out to the side as we passed him and then he came right into our spread and then the port corner rod gave a short burst ZZZ, we did not want to hook up a Hammerhead Shark and so Erik started reeling in that line, but he was too late and the line went tight, the rod bent and line slowly peeled off the reel, nobody wanted to fight the Hammerhead Shark and Kurt decided he would accept the challenge, he got into the chair and Erik handed him the rod and Kurt stated winding and as he gave the rod the first pump, things changed somewhat and suddenly the reel was screaming and as it went into the backing we saw a Marlin tail walking behind the boat and realised that the Hammerhead fooled us all and we actually had a Marlin on and after a very hard fight we had a Black Marlin estimated at 150kg (330lb) by the boat, the fish was still strong and wiring was quite a challenge and it wasn’t much longer and we had released a Black Marlin. We still had a 4 hour trip to get back to port and had no further action as we headed back in. It was a wonderful day with some fantastic people and some awesome fishing, many thanks to all. Well done and congratulations to Kurt for successfully landing and releasing his first Marlin.



Sunday, March 31, 2019

Private Cruise with your Bestie on Nawty Girl

Private Cruise with you Bestie on Nawty Girl.
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Thursday, March 28, 2019

Family Time Cruise on Nawty Girl

Family Time Cruise on Nawty Girl.
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Wednesday, March 27, 2019

Boys Time Out

Boys time out.
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Monday, March 25, 2019

The little ones love cruising and boat rides

The little ones love cruising and boat rides.
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Offshore Party Cruise in Durban

Offshore Party Cruise in Durban.
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Sunday, March 24, 2019

Family Time on a Boat Cruise in Durban

Family Time on a Boat Cruise in Durban.
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Thursday, March 21, 2019

Family Fun Backline Fishing trip on Nawty Girl

Family Fun Backline Fishing trip on Nawty Girl

Backline Fishing Report – Durban – 21 March 2019

A 3 hour backline fishing trip on Nawty Girl in overcast conditions gave this family a great experience. A wide variety of fish were caught like a Guitar Fish, Pick Handle Barracuda, Sand Gurnard, Black Tail, Rockod, Toby, Mackerel amongst others much to these boys delight.

It gives us so much pleasure to share fishing and the ocean we love so much with others, especially the little ones.