Tuesday, April 3, 2018

The Taxman cometh and taketh away.

The Taxman cometh and taketh away.

Fishing Report – Durban – 03.04.2018

We had a short 4hr mini deep sea trip today with a Family from Jhb, was supposed to be yesterday afternoon by the NE was howling so we changed it to this morning. Typically on a mini deep sea trip we make our way out of port and troll over a few bottom spot and scan the bottom to see for fish and then we stop trolling and do bottom fishing where we found fish. Today had other plans for us, on our way out we first saw 2 pods of Bottle Nose Dolphins and then a little further out I saw schools of bait fish, I had just gone over a known pinnacle when I saw bait fish flying on my right and some big swirls and I swung the boat towards this and it was not long before the shot gun went of at a pace and in no time almost 400m of line was off the reel with a Blue and White Williamson Sailfish Catcher being taken. We were fishing light with the Shimano Tyrnos 30s paired with the light Tiagra rods and this made this all the more fun. 40 minutes later and we had a good size Yellowfin Tuna at the boat, the bird was out the water and I was leaning over to grab the leader with gaffs ready when I saw a big swirl and the water turned red with blood and we ended up with half the Yellowfin. So a big Shark had taken half our Tuna in one bite and we paid our taxes. The sea was calm and flat today but there was a double swell from 2 directions and this made all the children and ladies sick whilst we were fighting the Tuna and so they wanted to go back and we arrived back at the dock 2hrs after we left, I weighed what was left of the Tuna and it was 15Kg. I have been expecting the bigger Yellowfin Tuna to arrive in Durban at anytime. They are here.




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