Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Fun Family Fishing Trip

Fun Family Fishing Trip

Fishing Report – Durban – 11.04.2018

We launched later to try avoid the rain and the wind but the forecast was out and so we had a wet and windy day fishing with some showers that passed by 3 times during the trip. Before we even launched my Costa Sunglasses fell off my head into the Marina and I had to dive down to get them as I was not going to accept losing them, and so my day started out wet, then the sun peaked out and the wind died and we thought what a glorious day this will be, we were wrong. We got out and set a spread and then the wind started blowing, fortunately it was a long period swell and so even in a strong wind the sea was comfortable with a big boat like Fat Girl. We trolled for about 2.5-3hrs but there was no sign of any game fish and so we came in to fish shallow in the 40m as the current was screaming. 1st down and 4 rods got bent and we got some Slinger and so the day went on with Slinger, Snapper, Soldier Bream, Trigger Fish and Rockod being caught. These boys out fished their parents by a long way and got a fair amount of fish with some good sizes and had a blast really enjoying the fishing. The highlight of the day was when the 2 youngest simultaneously had a good hook up, each landing nice sized Remora’s which made them work hard for their prize, it was a treat to watch them struggle and fight these fish up with all their might. In the end the whole family had a great day out with a lot of fun even though there was a little rain from time to time.


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