Sunday, March 25, 2018

Good Bottoms in a Strong Current

Good Bottoms in a Strong Current
Fishing Report – Durban – 25.03.2018
Launching at 06h00 the west wind was blowing stiff with a small but choppy sea we made our way out to look for some game fish. The reverse current was screaming at 6 knots, water was blue and warm. We had 2 strikes but they did not stick and the fish came off quickly, after about 4hrs we made our way to the shallows 30-40m depth to do some bottoms as there was no ways our sinkers would stay down on deeper reefs in that strong current. As the day went on the wind dropped making for a stunning sea and whilst we were bottom fishing I watched in dismay as the water went from a stunning blue to green. Bottom fishing was good and in 3 hours we caught about 30 fish and some good size Soldier Bream, Slinger and Englishman came out. We then ran some Rapala X Raps on our way back to port getting back just after 14h00. Am glad the weather held as it got very hot and so I knew there was a storm coming which started at 16h30 long after we got back.

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