Monday, May 29, 2017

Offshore Fishing Report – Durban – 27 May 2017

Offshore Fishing Report – Durban – 27 May 2017

Saturday was cool weather and started out as a really stunning day and was stunning for most of the day with only a stiff wind that picked up later in the afternoon. Water temperatures have come down a little and are sitting a little over 23deg.C. There was a strong N-S current and although the water was not dirty it was not clear either. There was loads of Skipjack Tuna (Oceanic Bonito) around and they provided some great lighter tackle fishing fun for everyone on board; with a total of 9 landed and a few more lost. Bottom fishing was done at the end of the trip for a short period with some general bottom fish caught with nothing to write home about it was not so easy to get the lines down in the current out deeper.

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