Saturday, December 19, 2015

OFFSHORE FISHING REPORT - 18&19/12/2015 - Durban

OFFSHORE FISHING REPORT - 18&19/12/2015 - Durban
Dorado are out in full force, mostly smaller females, but we managed to land a nice Bull today on lighter tackle and he gave us a fantastic fight along with the customary acrobatics. Yesterday we had great weather and conditions, but today started out with a strong NE wind and ended with a howling SW wind. Water temp is averaging 24.5deg.C.
Yesterday we had 2 big hits, one I am sure was a Wahoo as the lure was severed from the leader with a clean cut, the other which was a very big hit looks like a Marlin because 2m of the leader was very rough as if it had been sand papered. We also got a nice Yellowfin Tuna yesterday on light tackle that gave us a great fight. So the fish and Marlins are definately around and the water is looking good except close to Durban where the rain water coming out the harbour has made the waters turbid.

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