Saturday, May 30, 2015

Offshore Fishing Report 28-30 May 2015

Offshore Fishing Report 28-30 May 2015
Not an easy report to make, I had 8 guests with me for the last 3 days, really nice guys. We handled everything for them from transport to accommodation and meals, this was all great.
The first 2 days we were out to look for a Yellowfin Tuna or a Sailfish or any other game fish that was around. Over the 2 days we covered more than 320 km hunting North, Deep and South. On the first days we came across 100's and 100's of birds with a huge variety of species from adults to juveniles, we had an Albatross and 2 Cape Gannets get stuck into our lures, but no injuries and all were released straight away. We also saw Dolphins on both days, a Humpback Whale and a Minky Whale. By the end of the second day I was down and totally demoralised as we got no fish, saw none on the sounder and zero activity, I tried all my best spots but there was nothing.
On the 3rd day we I suggested that we leave the game fishing and do some Shark and Bottom fishing. This turned out great and in the morning before the current turned we landed well over 30 good bottom fish, from Rockod to Slinger to Englishmen to Copper Bream and a few other nice species also. We also managed to land 2 super size Sailfin Rubberlips. We also hooked up 2 Sharks, the first one was a small Black Tip and the second we did not see as it came off the hook after giving the rod a good bend and the line a good stretch

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