Saturday, March 21, 2015

MARLIN REPORT - Durban - 20 March 2015

We went 1-1 with a Blue Marlin and 0-1 with a Black Marlin.
 Frans and Coby from Namibia joined me along with 2 of their friends for 5 days of fishing for Frans to catch the Marlin that he has always dreamed about. The weather did not play ball and fishing was very tough with no life in the water, the water was cold averaging around 22 deg C. We went out in 30kn NE winds, 35knt SW winds, braved rain and rough seas and with the S-N current screaming I started feeling hopeless and down as there was nothing around, not even game fish. On day one we managed to land a Yellowfin Tuna and we came back early as the NE just got too strong. On day 2 we hooked up a Black Marlin and this was exciting as we saw him on the surface and I swung the boat and pulled the spread by him, he hit 3 lures before hooking up on the 4th and after doing some magnificent acrobatics he threw the hook. On the way home we landed a Bonnie. Day 3 and Day 4 got me depressed as we had no fish at all and when we started on Day 5 I felt soul destroyed as I really wanted Frans to fulfil his dream with me, he has done trips around the world to hunt his Marlin and never ever got it. Day 5 was great weather and with the previous weather being too rough for us to get out to the shelf we decided to go deep on the last day. 8.30am in 550m of water at 22 deg.C the right inside rigger line screamed and 30 minutes later we had successfully released a Blue Marlin. Frans was overjoyed and I was so happy for him.

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