Thursday, October 16, 2014

FISHING REPORT - Durban - 16/10/2014

FISHING REPORT - Durban - 16/10/2014
This morning I took the guys from the SABC 3 Espresso show out for the Deep Heat Adventure challenge. We left Durban around 04h00 and we ran for about 2hrs till about 400m deep and dropped lines at about 06h00. Sea conditions were great and we left earlier to be back in time before the rain hit Durban in the afternoon. We found water out in the deep at 22.7deg.... C and once we were running cross current we got some action. We were looking for a Tuna, and I ran the 50lb rigs as the guest was a small lady. Suddenly as all was getting boring and I was struggling to keep my eyes open, one of the reels began to growl and after taking about 75% of the line on the spool we managed to turn a Striped Marlin. After about 10 minutes after we turned it and had a really good bend in the rod the line just went slack. Once we got the line in it turned out that the 6/0 hook had broken. On the good side, we got our first Marlin Hook up for the new season and I now know they are out there.
Disappointed we dropped our lines back in and continued and it was not long before I saw some fish jumping to my right and I changed course and we had 5 lines running and ended up landing 3 Wahoo. I am very pleased about this as this is my first Wahoo triple up. After that on the way back in we had some Skipjack Tuna action. Our timing was spot on, as after we finished at the docks and as I was walking to my car the heavens opened with some proper heavy Durban rain.

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