Friday, July 18, 2014

Got this email today

“Dear Mike,

Thanks for an excellent day deep-sea fishing on Blue Water Charters!!!
Me getting a lovely yellowfin tuna, my son 2 yellowfin tuna and my wife also a yellowfin tuna, her first ever game fish. But the catch of the day, both my son and I, a sailfIsh. Can’t believe he, 12 years old, managed to get a 40kg sailfish to the boat whilst I almost gave up on a 50kg sailfis...h.

My son and I went deep-sea fishing the week before, specifically requesting game fishing only, or at least mostly, but were disappointed with an overcrowded boat, 8 fisherman, only an hour’s trolling and no game fish at all. The rest of the day was bottom fishing only. You trolled all the time.

Your boat is also lady-friendly with a huge indoor cabin and an on-board toilet, next time remember the toilet paper though. (Joke) My wife was impressed with a very clean boat and “Kaiya” scrubbing the deck after each landed catch, not that we lost one.

I will definitely go out with you again. Next time my daughter takes the first one, she did manage to get my sailfish in a few meters though.

Best regards

Tony Kruger”

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