Saturday, July 5, 2014

FISHING REPORT - Durban 4-5 July 2014

FISHING REPORT 4-5 July 2014: The whales are thick around Durban and they can be seen where ever ones goes. We launched at 06h30 on Saturday morning and were back by 09h00 due to sea sickness, in that short time we managed some good Yellowfin Tuna on a Double up We did a 2nd trip on Saturday launching at 12h00 by this time there was a moderate NE wind blowing which steadily got stronger, we managed 1 nice Yellowfin Tuna and then they seemed to vanish.
Sunday morning we launched at 06h30 and early into the trip we got a big hook-up and a Wahoo of 18.2Kg was landed by a 14yr old boy.

Watch Wahoo Action in Winter off Durban

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