Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Rehabilitated Pelagic Bird Release - Duban 18/06/2014

Today we released 2 Cape Gannets and a Prion that were rehabilitated by CROW KZN. Fred, the 2nd Gannet we released was a big boy weighing just under 3Kg. Fran from Australia who volunteer's at CROW joined us on the trip out to sea to witnes...s the release. Fran was the care giver to these birds during their rehabilitation period (Huge respect to you Girl). To watch the Gannets preen themselves in the salt water was an eye watering experience as we could clearly see their delight to be back in the wild again. We had found a nice current line close inshore with plenty bait fish showing on the sounder and there were other Gannets in the area feeding. Thank you CROW for the work that you do, it was an honour to do this release. My family and Hannah (my Macaw) also joined us on this release trip. It is a truly magnificent and overwhelming feeling releasing the creatures back into the wild.
Watch the Video.

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