Saturday, June 14, 2014

Fishing Report - Durban 14/06/2014

FISHING REPORT: We went out for a short Eco Cruise/Light Tackle trolling trip this morning. we launched just after 08h00 and got back around 11h00 giving us 2hrs fishing time. There was a moderate NE wind blowing and sea conditions were very pleasant. Water is getting very cold now and I hope this continues so we can see some sardines soon. We saw a few whales when out there and even got a close up view of 2 as they came up near the boat, lots of Gannets around. We got 2 smaller bonnies on the way out and on the way back we managed to hook up a really nice size bonnie that gave a really strong and stubborn fight on the light tackle, we were hoping for a Yellowfin Tuna but never even saw any.

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