Saturday, June 7, 2014

Fishing Report - Durban 07/06/2014

FISHING REPORT: We went out at 07h00 this morning for a 5hr bottom fishing Charter. It was bitterly cold early this morning but warmed up as the day went on and 1 by 1 the layers came off. There was not many fish showing on the finder, but most of the fish we caught were quality fish. We caught a few Trigger Fish including a stunning large one that was dark purple with red fangs, these were all released. We got quite a lot of really good sized Soldier Bream (50cm), a few Slinger, several fair sized Stumpnose. About 30 fish in total. There was 2 ladies and 6 men, the ladies out-fished the men 2-1.
Water was green and cold sitting just on 20deg.C, we saw no Whales or Dolphins to day and other than a large flock of Cape Gannets that flew by us we saw no bird activity.

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