Sunday, June 15, 2014

Fishing Report - Durban 15/06/2014

FISHING REPORT: Light Winds, flat seas, blue skies, loads of Gannets and Albatross around, we had a Minky Whale swim right past our boat early this morning, and later in the day when drifting we had a large Humpback Whale jump right out the water making a huge splash about 200m from our boat. When we launched there was a light SW wind blowing and a S-N current. We trolled out to some of the deeper... reefs but all we got was a size Shad as we let out the 1st line, after that nothing. After trolling for about 1.5hrs we stopped and started doing bottom fishing, it was very slow in the morning and we got a few fish. Later the wind changed to a NE and soon after the current turned to a N-S and then the fish came on the bite, by then we were on shallower reefs. We landed about 20 fish that were keepers, some good size Soldier Bream, some nice Snapper, some smaller Slinger, A nice size Rockod and Englishman and a very nice size Black Tail. Beside releasing all the undersized fish, we also released at least 10 Trigger Fish and a beautiful Semicircle Angel Fish. On the way back we trolled some small Rapalas and got 4 Bonnies.

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