Saturday, May 17, 2014

Fishing Report - Durban 17/05/2014

Went out in that ugly west today for a short 5hr trip, was not so bad when we launched, but then she started blowing. We saw a lot of ski boats come rushing out to the bait spots at about 06h30 and as soon as the west picked up they all ran back home and there was not a boat to be seen. We tried to stay in the calmer waters inshore, but could not find fish so we went out deeper into the rough stuff and found 2 Tuna and a Bonnie. Some of those swells that came rolling through were up to 3.5m, luckily they were well spaced. On the way back we came close inshore and by Umgeni river mouth we had a solid hook up but it came off. Today was a full catch and release trip.

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