Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Kiddies Fishing

In the last 2 days we did 4 inshore trips, the water has been warm and crystal clear and the sea flat. All our trips were families with little children and so we fished with our famous light tackle Bass rods that we use for inshore. We had a blast catching small Tuna and Bonnies. We hooked up so many fish we were not even able to keep up, sometime all the lines were going and almost all of the tim...e we had fish on, we got well over 100 fish over the 2 days including a decent size Yellowfin that revved the little boy and he had to hand the rod over to daddy, the parents also had their fair share of fun on 4 action packed trips. On the down side there were a lot of sharks around and some of our fish got taxed, and the sharks were even taking our rapalas, I think we lost 7.

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