Monday, April 14, 2014

5 days of fishing

We had guests out from Estonia for 5 long days days fishing in a row, was tiring but all good.
On Wednesday we hooked up a Black Marlin on 50lb tackle and after 1hr15min we lost it about 400m out when the line parted. On Wednesday we hooked up another Black Marlin and after about 15min in rushed the boat and the line went slack and we lost it. We also got some Oceanic Bonitos. Friday we spent at Inanda Dam Bass Fishing and in the 2 x 4hr Sessions we landed over 60 Bass with the largest being 1.5Kg. Saturday the small boat had engine problems in the morning which we could not get sorted so we did the afternoon session offshore again in some very rough Seas. Sunday was a great 4hr trip and we landed a nice Wahoo and some Yellowfin Tuna which the guys turned in Sashimi on the way back before they had to go to the airport.

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