Wednesday, January 8, 2014

The Three Tunas and the Big One

We had 2 trips yesterday, on the morning trip we launched into some large swells almost 5m, but they were far spaced and the sea was comfortable, within 30 minutes the swells subsided and the sea went flat. The warm water has moved right in, but it is green and seems to be void of fish so we headed out deeper and we managed 3 nice sized Yellowfin Tuna, the largest being 15Kg.

We launched in the afternoon for a second trip and as per our 1st trip we headed out deeper, the sea was quiet and I saw no birds or baitfish activity, and then BANG the shot gun rigger went and the rod bent flat and we were on. After a 30 minute battle we were rewarded with a very large Yellowfin Tuna of 37Kg on 50lb tackle.

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