Friday, January 3, 2014

2013 Holidays Fishing Report - Durban

We have been so busy the past season, and I have not even had a chance to put a report together as we have been fishing every day and mostly 2 trips a day, I am very tired and am going to enjoy resting over the next two days with bad weather and then we start next week running again with several bookings and two trips a day.


I would like to wish everyone for 2014, and may you prosper and find peace and joy.


The fishing has been hard, with the early part of the holidays having some choppy seas, then the sea went flat and the water went green and eventually brown, and then the warm blue water started coming in from the deep.


The Wahoo fishing this season has been phenomenal and we have caught more Wahoo than Dorado which is normally not the case, we lost a massive Wahoo estimated at over 25Kg to a Shark, much to the dismay of our clients, we also lost a lot of Tuna to the Sharks which is very frustrating. We also dropped 2 Marlin, one on light tackle that took a feather and we ran out of line on the reel, and another that had its bill wrapped on the leader and never got the hook.

We did well with Dorado even though we got a lot of Wahoo, with a stunning 18Kg Bull being the best Dorado for the season thus far. The Tuna are still around and we virtually get them on every trip.


The water is starting to look awesome now and I think the next 2 months will bring us some good Game Fish and Marlin.

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