Monday, December 2, 2013

Dorado season starts with a bang

We left the mooring at 05h00 and as we went out of the harbour mouth we started setting our spread, we were busy running out the 3rd line at about 05h30 when the reel of 2nd line we set out went off, this was less than 1km from the harbour mouth and we had our 1st Queen Dorado on board, we reset the spread and carried on out towards deeper waters and we got a bunch of Yellowfin Tuna, by 07h00 we had 5 fish on board.

There was a SE wind blowing and also a SE swell, and early in the morning it was choppy, but as the day went on conditions improved; we had thought there may be rain but we had a dry day. Water temps varied from 21.9deg.C to 22.5deg.C, out deeper the water was clear.

Once we got out to my deeper marks we set a heading North and it was not long before we had another reel go and this time we landed a prize Dorado Bull of 16Kg.

The day seemed to drag out for me, but the fishing remained good and by the time we were back in port we ended up with 12 good fish; 3 Dorado (2 x 10Kg Queens and a 16Kg Bull) and 9 x 9Kg Yellowfin Tuna.

Was great to run back into port flying flags.

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