Sunday, November 3, 2013

Kosi Bay trip October 2013

The weather did not play along on this trip, we started out fishing in some very heavy rain, and when the rain stopped we had howling North East winds, on the last day we had a howling South West wind. Water temp in the lakes was very cold and the water was crystal clear, with exception of the last day the water got turbid but remained cold.

We spent 1 day at the Mouth and the rest of the time was spent dodging rain and fishing in the lakes. We managed a couple of Sea Pike (Pick Handle Barracuda) at the mouth along with some Gurnards, in the Lakes we worked hard and made 1000’s of casts and ended up resorting to light tackle bait fishing as there was no Game fish to be found.

None the less we were surrounded by the spectacular nature and bird life of the area.

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