Saturday, November 23, 2013

Jozini Tiger Fishing Trip – Mid November 2013

We left Durban in the early hours of the morning in heavy rain to make our way up to Jozini, and when we got there it was still raining, but at least not heavy like the rain we picked up on the road, we started setting up the campsite in the rain and by the time we had completed the rain had gone and the sun was out, from there on we had mostly blue skies and hot weather over 36deg.C with exception for 1 day which was a little cooler and over cast.

Mornings sessions all had light winds and afternoon sessions all had moderate winds, the water was warm and the dam levels at around 80%. The top of the river section was already getting dirty from the rains coming down the river and each day it moved closer to the bay area.


The fishing was good, and even in our first session we had our 1st fish on board in no time and soon everyone was comfortable with the fishing style and tackle.

We had many strikes that were missed in true Tiger Fishing fashion, but we also landed a fair amount of Tiger Fish over the 4 days with the largest fish landed being 3.0Kg.

It was very frustrating on this trip that we lost so many big tigers in the 4-5Kg range; the fish were very aggressive and fought very hard with many biting us off.


The whole area is green now and the wildlife is just so spectacular, I just love fishing Jozini as nowhere else so close to home offers one the opportunity of good fishing, game and bird viewing and off a boat its always best as one can get much closer to the wildlife.

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