Monday, August 26, 2013

Winter Tiger Fishing trip to Jozini

I always love going to Jozini, it’s one of my favourite places  in the world, even when I am busy I will always make a way to get there when I  am needed.
I left Durban at midnight on Thursday and drove up, met  my client at Shayamoya lodge for breakfast and then we went fishing the whole  day. On Friday we fished the whole day and then at around 18h30 I made my way  back to Durban for a deep sea trip on Saturday morning. Hectic, but worth it.

The dam is full again, but the weed beds and grasses are  different to what they have been in the past, the water was not warm and was  very clean. Even in winter this place gets hot with both days over 30 deg.C. on  Thursday we had a stiff NE wind blowing and on Friday and gentle SW wind  blowing.

I struggled for a while to find the pattern, to find  where the fish were and how they were feeding, and even once we figured out the  pattern the fishing was hard with not many fish around. We got some fish on the  surface but for the most part the fish were feeding off the structure and it  was deep and slow fishing, and so for most of the trip we fished drop shot (Jig  heads) and very seldom did any surface fishing.

On Thursday we managed 6 fish between the 2 of us, mostly  around 1.5Kg and we also dropped a few around trees and other structure.

Friday the water was glassed and flat in the morning and  we really struggled with only 1 fish by lunchtime, we then stopped fishing for  a while and ate our lunch. The wind had picked up a little by then and the  water had a nice ripple and we were refreshed and ready to make another 1000 casts.
It was not long when the one reel started screaming and  we had a decent Tiger on the line who put a serious bend into the rod and he  really fought hard with plenty acrobatics and aerial displays in the typical  Tiger fish fashion. After about a 15 minute fight we managed to get a whopping  5.5Kg Tiger into the net and my client was ecstatic. I was relieved as this has  been one of the slowest trips I have ever had. After that fish we managed to  get another 4 Tigers, bringing our tally to 6 for the day.

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