Monday, August 26, 2013

Jozini Tiger Fishing Trip – August 2013

Drove up on Monday to  Jozini for a Tiger fishing trip, the water is still very cold but crystal clear  and the dam is almost 100% full.
Early mornings were very  cold but the days were hot, on Monday the wind was howling first NE and the SW,  Tuesday was a spectacular day, Wednesday morning was stunning but the afternoon  was terrible with a massive SW wind blowing causing very large waves.

Fishing was very hard and  over the 2 days I think we only got about 10 fish in total, a few fair size  ones and one or two dinks. Then on Wednesday afternoon when the huge SW began  and the waves were rolling we had 2 good fish in a row, a 5.5Kg and a 6Kg.
I had to work really hard  to get fish and we travelled a lot around the dam and covered a good amount of  water.

I am pleased with that 6Kg  Tiger as this fish sets a new record for my charters.

The birds are all starting  to breed and although most the vegetation is still brown one can clearly see  the beginning signs of Spring. I noticed two Ostriches which I have never seen  around the dam before and these birds are really large specimens.

Got back on Thursday to  get ready for a Tuna trip on Friday morning.

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